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Do you want to wow your guests? Do you want them to talk about how awesome your event was the next day, week, or month? If you answered yes, then you're going to need to offer your guests something new, creative, interesting, and fun. That's where virtual reality (VR) comes in. Virtual reality (VR) is the hottest new technology and it delivers a new, fun, relevant, and interesting experience to all types of events. If you're not sure how renting virtual reality (VR) for your next Oakland event would work or you want to talk specifics contact us and we will be happy to help. 


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Oakland, California, or Oaktown as it is sometimes called, sits along the San Francisco Bay, opposite San Francisco and north of neighboring San Jose. Known most prominently for its sports teams, Oakland plays host to the NFL's Oakland Raiders, MLB's Oakland Athletics, and the NBA's Golden State Warriors. In addition to sports, the city also offers a variety of other locations for tourists to visit. This includes Jack London Square, where city visitors can enjoy shopping, restaurants, and the relocated cabin that Jack London lived in while in the Klondike. Within walking distance of Jack London Square, visitors find the USS Potomac, presidential yacht for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Some other places of interest include the Chabot Space and Science Center and the Oakland Zoo, which boasts over 660 native and exotic animals on display.

With all of the sports that Oakland has to offer, how can your event compete? Rely on the experts at VirtualRealityRental.co and the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) technology to get your guests attention.

The professionals at VirtulaRealityRentals.co help you design and implement your event to make it one your guests won't soon forget. Using the latest in VR games, videos, and other activities, make your next event stand out from all the plethora of other activities in the Oakland area. Contact us today and get started toward planning your next exciting and fun-filled event.



Industry-leading companies are using VR to promote their products and enhance their event experience. Will you?


Spredfast Summit

SquareRoot Startup Crawl

VR Testimonial Mashbox
VirtualRealityRental.co went above and beyond every step of the way. Their staff was incredibly helpful with planning this portion of our event and their event execution was flawless. We will definitely partner with them again soon.
Michael Pazienza CEO of Mashbox

Michael Pazienza
CEO of Mashbox


What Oakland Event Attendees Had To Say


"Life is hard and there’s so much stress at job. When business events become fun with entertainment like VR, it helps you purge out some of that stress and find happiness in an insane world."

Bethany Coffin (Allendale)

"I was never keen on trying a Google Daydream or HTC Vive. I thought these things were not meant for me. I was wrong. After trying VR at a corporate event, I have become a fan of this technology."

Teresa Roshong (Glenview)

"After trying VR at a business event in Oakland, my heart felt so light and my soul was still flying high. I think every event should have entertainment like these. It was AWESOME!"

Kristy DeJesus (Ridgemont)


"VR headgears are such a powerful piece of technology. What fun! Got the opportunity to try it at a corporate event and just can’t get my mind out of it."

Jared Nunley (Oakmore)

"Trying VR at a conference is one of the coolest things I have done in these years to please that person called myself. Got the much needed 10 minutes to reclaim my sanity and I thank the organizers for this wonderful experience."

Robert Langer (Havenscourt)

"As I wore the Oculus Rift and it unfolded a new world, my mouth turned into an ‘O’ and stayed so until I took off the headgear. Still feels like under the VR spell. I’m stunned."

David Mathas (Clinton)


The best virtual reality event experiences Oakland has to oFFer

cutting edge virtual reality rentals | virtualrealityrental.co

Cutting Edge

We're on the forefront of virtual reality (VR). We also have a tremendous amount of experience throwing great events. Those passions collided to form this business and we're confident you will notice the difference. That means not only will you get the best virtual reality systems, we will plan a VR activation your guests will love.

experienced virtual reality rentals | virtualrealityrental.co


We realize that your event attendees aren't virtual reality (VR) experts. That's why we have a very strict vetting and training process for our on-site technicians. We hire less than 1% of applicants. That's something even Harvard and Stanford can't say. Rest assured that our on-site technicians have been thoroughly vetted and formally trained to delight you and your guest. This is a difference you will experience.

professional virtual reality rentals | virtualrealityrental.co


We run a tight ship. We do what we say we will and we will always look for ways to go above and beyond for our clients. You can expect us to be on time to your event, responsive to your communication, and deliver a high quality experience for your guests. We've earned the trust of some of the biggest companies in the world and if you reach out to us, we're confident you will understand why.



Popular VR Experiences In Oakland

Popular VR Experiences Nationwide

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. We have 1,500+ virtual reality experiences to choose from. 



Rent Virtual Reality

We're here to help you every step of the way as you bring virtual reality to your next event. Click here to start planning your perfect virtual reality event experience.

Virtual Reality Party Rental

Virtual Reality is great for parties! Create an unforgettable experience for your guests by discovering the VR party plan that’s perfect for you.

Virtual Reality Team Building

Let us help you take you next team building event to the next level! We've created a list of our most popular team building experiences.

Virtual Reality For Corporate Events

Virtual Reality has the power to take a normal event and make it amazing. We've worked with top companies to create unique guest experiences and we look forward to working with you!


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Questions To Ask Regarding VR At Your Event

  • How can we brand the virtual reality rig, so we can get a sponsor to pay for it?

  • What would be the best virtual reality experience (game, puzzle, video, etc) for my event?

  • Where should I put the virtual reality setup at my next event?

  • How can this fit in with my company or organization's goals for our next event?

  • What do we do if I have a big event coming up? I don't want the line to be long.

  • What will my guests actually do with the virtual reality rig at my next event?

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For crowds that might be new to VR, our experts will help you choose the perfect experience that delivers the full VR effect in a user-friendly way.


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