As the premier provider of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, VirtualRealityRental.co works with your company to provide the best in VR entertainment for your events, including parties, exhibits, trade shows, and conferences. Using our extensive event experience combined with the latest VR technology, we help you plan and implement a unique experience for event attendees. 

Whether your goal is team-building, lead generation, or branding, our cutting-edge equipment and strategic planning will turn an average event into an extraordinary event. Just wait until you see the excited expressions and huge smiles on your guests’ faces when they first experience VR. 

At VirtualRealityRental.co, our VR experts use their 20+ years of knowledge in the VR field to bring the best interactive experiences to your company events or exhibits. With more than 4,000 Room Scale VR and 40,000 360 VR experiences to choose from, we can help you select the perfect experience for your event theme or goal. That said, if what we currently offer does not match your vision perfectly, we will work with you to design a customized VR experience that captures your brand essence and delights your audience. 

Read on to find out how VirtualRealityRental.co can help your company bring a new experience to your next event. 


How We're Different

VirtualRealityRental.co stands out from other technology vendors because we focus on the event attendee experience. We don’t push VR technology on you and your attendees just because it’s cool technology. Instead, our experts work closely with your event coordinator, marketing director, and/or CEO to help you accomplish your specific event goals by leveraging VR at your event. 

Focusing exclusively on corporate events, we use our extensive experience in marketing and technology to drive home what your event is all about using VR. Whether that includes team-building exercises, lead generation, or if you just want your attendees to have a really good time, we create a VR event experience that aligns with your goals. On top of providing the latest VR technology, we recognize that the difference-maker lies in providing a memorable event experience that your attendees and guests won’t soon forget. 

In addition to creating a unique event VR experience, we work closely with your company to ensure we are on the same page. Planning, setup, implementation, and breakdown are all taken care of by our professional and friendly team. This way, you can focus on your event attendees and have a good time, worry-free. We pride ourselves on being a vendor you can trust, and as we’ve heard from past customers, it shows in our level of service. 



  • Fun and respectful staff

  • High hiring bar

  • Extensive training program


  • On-time setup and breakdown

  • Fast responses to your calls and emails

  • Above and beyond attitude

Cutting Edge

  • Years of experience programming, experimenting, and showcasing virtual reality (VR)

  • Years of experience planning, hosting, and supporting events


How we work

The expert staff at VirtualRealityRental.co works with your company to design the perfect event experience for your attendees. Our three-part VR event execution includes planning the event experience, supplying the latest VR technology, and providing knowledgeable technicians who are on-site to execute the event game plan. 

Pre-event strategy icon

Every event begins with our pre-event strategy process. During this phase, we focus on educating you, the customer, on what’s possible and empowering you to make the best decisions for your event. For example, we work with you to plan every detail of the experience, including which VR technology to leverage, how to maximize guest throughput, which VR experiences to feature, and how we plan on accomplishing the goals your company has set for the event.

Equipment Rental Icon

In addition to strategic planning, VirtualRealityRental.co provides every piece of equipment needed to execute your VR experience at your next event. We deliver, set up, and breakdown the equipment with little to no oversight required, allowing you to focus on other important obligations. Our equipment is the best in the industry, which leads to the best possible experience for your guests. 

Event Staffing Logo

The final piece of the puzzle revolves around our professional and knowledgeable staff. First, our experts really know and care about VR. Second, they love interacting with event attendees. Our experts use their knowledge and excitement for the technology to ensure your guests have a great time. They are on-site to manage the VR event experience from start to finish, including setup, experience delivery, and takedown. Think of them as one-half VR technician and one-half brand ambassador. Not only can they execute your VR activation, they can blend in by wearing the same attire as your staff and be able to speak intelligently about your products and services. 


The Virtualrealityrental.co Team


Meet The Team

Featured Executive Team Members

William Griggs

William Griggs

William has been fascinated with virtual reality since the 90's and the launch of Nintendo's Virtual Boy. He is in charge of coming up with the latest and greatest VR activations to wow your attendees!

Jodi Harris Headshot

Jodi Harris

Other than playing with the latest VR equipment and making sure all of our events go off without a hitch, Jodi fills her days with dancing, watching random documentaries and laughing at her 1 year old daughter.


Shane Terrell

If you’re looking to bring virtual reality to an upcoming event, Shane’s your guy.  As our resident VR event expert, he’ll make sure your virtual reality rental perfectly matches your event vision.


Featured Event Managers


Meet Mona…
Her home consists of: Houseplants and yoga pants
Life goal: Pet every dog in the universe
Thinks the best Disney movie is: Alice in Wonderland (the original, NOT THE REMAKE!)
Is irrationally afraid of: Turtles


Meet Robert…
Favorite shape: A circle because it never ends
Little known fact: He’s a Pisces but can’t swim
His home consists of: Two crazy ferrets, a dog, and lots of video game consoles
Superhero of choice: Batman, no contest


Meet Meli…
Home is
: Anywhere she can dig her toes in the sand and listen to the waves crash
Thinks the best Disney Movie is: The Nightmare before Christmas
Secret skill: Utilizing tetris mastery to make anything fit anywhere
Is irrationally afraid of: Really really ridiculously large structures


Meet Grant…
Favorite method of travel
: Surfboard
Likes to spend time on: Esoteric Computer Games
Thinks the best Disney Movie is: The beginning of UP with “The Circle of Life” song dubbed over it
Favorite shape: Cinnamon Roll Silhouette



The professionals at VirtualRealityRental.co have worked with some of the most trusted brands from around the world and across all business sectors, including companies in the automotive, technology, consulting, travel, and construction industries. 


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