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There's no doubt that incorporating VR into your next conference or event will help you make your presence more memorable, engaging, and profitable. The question is: how do you get started?

With clients like Cadillac, Dropbox and Mini Cooper, we're at the forefront of combining VR and events. Fill out the form to the right and we will walk you through...

- Which VR Experiences To Incorporate And Why
- An Overview Of The VR Technologies On The Market
- Questions To Ask Potential VR Vendors
- What You Should Expect From Your VR Vendor
- Answers To FAQ (Power, Space, Internet, Etc)
- How To Brand Your VR Experience
- How To Generate Leads With VR
- How To Handle Guest Throughput And Logistics

We partner with companies nationwide. If you've got an event around the corner, or you are just researching virtual reality for events in the future, fill out the form and let us shortcut your path to success. 


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Industry-leading companies are partnering with us to leverage VR to enhance their event experience. Will you?


Sample Themes

We offer VR experiences to match every theme including: 

- Hollywood, Western, Space, 80's
- Futuristic, Outdoors, Under The Sea
Plus, so many more!

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VirtualRealityRental.co is the premier partner for companies looking to bring virtual reality to their next event. If you're interested in making your events more engaging, memorable, or profitable, we're here to help. We serve the entire nation. Let us do the the heavy lifting, so you can be freed up to focus on more strategic decisions.