Deliver a racing experience your guests will never forget!


If you're looking for the ultimate in virtual reality immersion, then our VR Racing Simulator may be the perfect choice for you and your guests. Sitting inside of an actual racing seat (complete with adjustable seat, steering wheel, and pedals) your guests can take on the track and test their skills. We can take your guest to nearly any racetrack in the world, put them in your favorite car make and model (we like the Ferrari Enzo), and watch them go. This is an experience that will keep guests coming to your booth throughout your event. We suggest creating an actual leaderboard and posting guest scores as the compete. That way, your guests will want to improve their scores while new arrivals are ready to challenge those already at the top!


vr racing simulator at your event


Event Benefits:

  • Creates Friendly Competition

  • Increases Foot Traffic

  • Maximizes Lead Generation

  • Ultimate Immersion

Service Includes:

  • Full VR Setup (Headset, Controllers, Sensors, Computer)

  • Complete Race Car Inspired Driving Seat

  • Expert Event Manager To Execute Event

Logistical Requirements:

  • Space: Minimum Of 6 By 6 Feet

  • Power: Standard 3 Prong Outlet

  • Wifi Requirements: None


Trade Shows

Trade show booths are all about maximizing foot traffic, increasing leads, and grabbing attention for your brand. We've used our VR Racing Simulator to accomplish all of those goals successfully. You can expect to make an impact with attendees when you choose this VR event activation.


No matter who your conference audience is, our racing simulator will help create an event space that keeps people coming back for more. Need to impress your guests? This will do it. Want to create fun conversations and keep people engaged with you and your brand. That's what we're here for!  

Other Event Types

What type of event are you planning? Whatever it is, we're confident that we can fit our VR Racing Simulator into your event plan. We're always looking for new ways to utilize VR for different event needs, so don't hesitate to reach out so we can get started!

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“One of the best VR simulators out there”

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"Amazing game.”

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5 stars.png

“Awesome graphics! 10/10”

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“As an event planner, I found the entire experience very easy to execute, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, made it all so seamless and smooth. The technology and apps you had preloaded were the perfect mix of inspirational and practical, driving home the point of our event. I really hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.”

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