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If your'e anything like us, you know that your professional sports career was only one bounce, run, kick, or tackle away. With VR, you can prove that your skills are still there even if you don't have an arena to call home. No matter what sport is your favorite, there is a virtual reality experience to put you in the game!

With so many virtual reality sports simulators to choose from, it was difficult to pick our favorites. However, based on our experience bringing virtual reality to hundreds of events, we're confident that any of our choices will be a great experience for your guests. VR sports simulators are great for creating a friendly competition among your guests, drawing a crowd, and keeping people coming back for more, and we're always here to help you decide which one works best for your next event. Below, we've created a list of our favorite VR sports simulators categorized by sport: Check it out and let us know what you think!


Top Virtual Reality Sports Simulators





Basketball is one of our favorite sports to play in virtual reality, which is mostly due to the two experiences we've listed here. Hearing the "swish" after you hit nothing but net translates perfectly into VR and both of these experiences add fun virtual elements that would never be possible on a real-world hardcourt. You can't go wrong with either of VR basketball simulators here as both create an awesome guest experience.

Suggested Pick: NBA 2KVR

The NBA 2KVR experience was built to let you test your skills as a professional basketball player. While the experience has a variety of game modes for you to try, our favorite is hands-down the 3-point shootout. Moving from rack to rack, you get to perfect your shot while the game tracks your score.

Tip: If you're planning on having a giveaway for your guests, think about using an experience like this to turn it into a contest. As your leaderboard takes shape, word will spread among event guests and you'll draw more visitors while seeing attendees repeatedly come back to protect and improve their score!

Runner-Up: Hoops VR

Hoops VR offers a completely different experience from NBA 2KVR. Think of this as more of an arcade game based around basketball. As you stand on your center platform, basketball goals rise up around you and your goal is to make as many shots as possible until the timer runs out.

While VR may be the most tech-forward event activation available, it's often the simplest experiences that end up being the most fun. Hoops VR is a great example of that. Whether your guests are die-hard sports fans or they've never picked up a basketball in their life, they'll have a great time playing this game.


VR Football

Both of the football experiences we've chosen are all about allowing you to prove your skills as a VR quarterback. Even though they take very different approaches on how to do that, we think they're equally fun. If you've ever seen a wide throw, a bad sack, poor time management, or just thought "I could do that," this is your chance to make it happen. These are both great choices for your next event.

Suggested Pick: Quarterback Snap

We've brought the Quarterback Snap experience to countless events, and we've never seen it fail to draw a crowd. One of the reasons for that is because the more you play this game, the more fun it gets. Your guests will have a great time finding out who has the skills to be an NFL quarterback.

This is another experience that's great for creating competition, so consider using a leaderboard at your event to keep track of your guests' high scores. Once someone sees their name on a leaderboard, you can almost guarantee they'll come back to make sure their spot is secure.

Runner-Up: 2MD Football Arcade

2MD VR Football is another awesome virtual reality sports simulator where you get lead your team to the endzone. In this experience, you get to see what it's like to stand behind your offensive line and throw to your receivers down the field. Be careful though, if you wait too long you might get sacked!

While the football players in this experience might look like toys, be assured that the intensity of leading your team is still there. If you want to give your guests a football experience that they've never had before, this is a great choice.



The soccer experiences we've chosen couldn't be more different. In one, your goal is to score as many goals as possible while hitting targets and dodging obstacles along the way. However, in the other, you're asked to keep the net safe by blocking as many balls as possible. Whether or not your guests have ever taken to the pitch, they'll have great time with these soccer experiences.

Suggested Pick: Headmaster

Headmaster is a fun, weird take on playing soccer. In this experience, your'e asked to head soccer balls toward a goal while also hitting targets for additional points. Some levels force you to bypass obstacles like a goalie while in others the soccer ball itself might change.

While many VR experiences focus on tracking your hand movement, this is all about how you move your head, making it a really unique virtual reality experience. In addition to that, the levels you can choose from in Headmaster range from simple beginner style set-ups to crazy challenges that you won't believe.

Runner-Up: Final Goalie

In Final Goalie, your get to play soccer as a goaltender. Using motion-tracked controllers, you face down opposing strikers and make sure no balls get through. If you've ever wanted to try out life as a goalie without having to have soccer balls fired at you, then this is the experience for you.

While this experience has a few different play options, we like the timed option the best. Using a timed challenge, you can decide how long each of your guests is actually inside the experience, giving you an extra layer of control when thinking through how you would like your guests to interact with our VR at your conference, trade show, meeting, or party.



As you might have guessed, virtual reality baseball is centered on hitting the ball as hard and far as possible. Your guests will be swinging for the fences looking for their next home run while having a great time at your next event. Of course, since this is virtual reality, so we've included a couple experiences that have added some really fun changes to the game.

Suggested Pick: Big Hit VR

In Big Hit VR Baseball, the object of the experience is pretty simple: hit big! Guests have the opportunity to knock balls out of the park while perfecting their swing. You can choose to run this experience as a competition or to leave it to free play, which offers attendees the ability to bat against giant baseballs or play through a party mode.

Whether it was hitting off a tee or facing down an opposing pitcher, most people have picked up a bat at some point in their life. This VR experience is a great way to get back into the game while having a really fun time.



Virtual reality boxing simulators are the best because you never have to worry about getting punched back. Sometimes, watching other people experience virtual reality is event more fun than putting the headset on yourself, and both of the options below fit into that category. We promise no one will walk by your booth without looking if one of your guests is boxing a VR pirate.

Suggested Pick: Knockout League

Let your guests take out some virtual aggression with Knockout League! This arcade fighting experience puts your guests in the ring with a crazy cast of opponents (including a fighting octopus) and let's them punch their way to the top. As your guests move, duck, block, and punch, other attendees are sure to come by an join the fun.

This experience is great for events that have plenty of space and a clearly marked play area. If you're wondering whether or not it fits into your next event, just reach out and we'll be happy to share all of our space requirements along with what experiences are best for different types of event layouts.

Runner-Up: VR Boxing Workout

Boxing Workout is a VR simulator that allows you to step in to the training room and go at your own pace. Built to give you all of the options you would find at your local gym, Boxing Workout is a great option for events because your guests don't have to know anything about boxing in order to have a great time.

This experience allows you to practice your body blows, build your hand speed, and learn how to dodge a punch, all of which are taken to the next level as you experience them in virtual reality. 



Whether you want your guests to play through a hole-in-one challenge, practice their putting, or leave them open on the front nine, we can make it happen with these virtual reality golf simulators. Offering a variety of courses along with every club you would ever need, both of the experiences listed below can be used to create an awesome experience for guests at your next event.

Suggested Pick: Everyday Golf

Everyday Golf VR is the best way to practice your swing even if you can't get outside, and at your next conference, trade show, meeting, or party, that's probably the case. Transporting your guests to golf course is a great way to make them feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they approach your booth.

This experience is great at events because it's both easy to use and challenging at the same time. Even if your guests aren't competing against each other, they'll have a great time pushing themselves to clear the lake or sink the putt. 

Runner-Up: The Golf Club VR

Much like Everyday Golf VR, The Golf Club is a great experience if you want to give your guests an awesome virtual reality golf outing. your guests will pick their club, line up their shot, and let it rip as they shoot for the lowest score possible. You can't go wrong with either of these VR golf simulators.

We love to bring golf experiences to events because the both agony of hitting a sand bunker and the excitement of the perfect swing are so entertaining to the guest in VR as well as the audience. If you go with a golf VR simulator at your next event, prepare for repeat visitors.



You can use either of the hockey experiences listed below to allow your guests to hit the ice and practice their shot. Since both of these options tend to have event attendees moving around quite a bit, each are great for drawing others to your set up and creating a really fun environment. Definitely don't overlook these VR hockey experiences.

Suggested Pick: VR Hockey League

VR hockey league lets you show off your skills through a variety of game modes, each developed to be a unique, fun experience. Whether you've been a hockey player since day one, or you've never stepped on the ice, you'll have a great time playing through all that VR Hockey League has to offer.

This experience is very flexible in that the different game modes cater to each individual guest. If you want a beginners experience, simply choose the game mode where you practice your slap shot; but if you want a more intense skills challenge, you can just as easily add a goalie or test your accuracy by trying to hit targets inside the net.

Runner-Up: Goalie Challenge-VR

While scoring goals will always get you the glory, saving them is just as important! In Goalie Challenge-VR, you get to put on the pads and protect your net. If you've ever wanted to test out what it would be like to stand in front of goal, but aren't crazy about having a hockey puck fly toward you, then this is the experience for you.

As the timer ticks down, your guests will have a great time seeing how many goals they can save. We promise you're sure to attract an audience as your guests practice their best moves and compete for the high score.



Racing in virtual reality is an unforgettable experience. Whether we bring our full VR racing set up, or utilize a 360˚ racing video, guests are always amazed by how virtual reality makes them feel like they're behind the wheel. No matter what course or car you choose, your guests will be talking about their racing experience both during and after your next event. 

Suggested Pick: Project Cars VR

We've brought Project Cars to countless events, and it has never failed to draw a crowd. Using our VR racing set up, your guests will be in the center of the action in every way possible. Your guests will sit in an actual racing seat, drive using our mounted steering wheel, and press the pedal to the metal with their own foot. We can promise people will come to your booth, but we can't promise they'll leave.

Tip: Even though Project Cars has lots of racetrack and racecar options to choose from, we suggest choosing your favorite of each and sticking with that choice throughout your event. This assures that all of your guests get a similar experience. Plus, if you're using this experience along with a leaderboard and prizes (suggested) you'll keep everyone on the same playing field.

Runner-Up: Samsung Gear - Lamborghini Driving Experience

Unfortunately, we can't provide the Lamborghini, but extra points if you can! This experience shows what you can achieve using a 360˚ headset. Whether your guest is in a sports car, or sitting in a chair, they get to experience what it's like to hit the road while staying engaged with your brand.

We have tons of 360˚ racing experiences, so take the above video as an example of the type of experiences we can create. If you want to talk more about the different types of racing experiences we've brought to events, we're always here and happy to help!


Live Sports

While not technically a sports simulator, we wanted to include this category to provide another view of how virtual reality can transform your sports experience. With the power to take you anywhere, it's no surprise that virtual reality has found it's way into the stadium in order to give you a unique way to watch your favorite team. Check out the example below to see what we mean.

Suggested Pick: Next VR

If you're more interested in watching professional athletes than becoming one, NextVR offers the awesome experience of seeing your favorite teams like you've never seen them before. This experience takes you closer to the action than any seat you can buy. 

This VR simulator is great way to engage guests because it offers them a completely new perspective on something they are already familiar with. While many people can relate to attending a game, or watching their team on tv, few can say they've watched their favorite player up close in virtual reality. 


We love bringing virtual reality sports simulators to events because they're great for keeping guests entertained and engaged. Plus, no matter what sport you choose, you can be assured that your guests are going to have a great time. If you have any questions about how to incorporate a VR sports simulator at your next event, we're always waiting and happy to talk about how VR can work for you!

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