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Take your booth to the next level!


At, we’ve brought virtual reality event activations to countless trade shows, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. For example, we understand that the most valuable resource at a trade show is attention, and that with so many booths, displays, and activities being presented all at once, it can be hard to set yourself apart. That’s why we’re here.

Our customers have discovered that virtual reality technology stands out from every other event activation in that it’s not only extremely engaging, but also totally flexible. Whatever experience you want your guests to have, we can make it happen. We can create exhilarating experiences that draw a crowd through awesome guest reactions, we can drive a competition among your guests that keeps them coming back to your booth, or we can develop tranquil activations that allow your guests to sit back and relax. It’s completely up to you.

Using customer feedback, we’ve developed a short list of the most common benefits gained from incorporating our VR into trade show booths. Each benefit included here can help you achieve a specific event goal, and we are always interested in learning how we can fit the VR experience to accomplish exactly what you need. So, whether you see a perfect fit listed here, or you’re looking for something completely different, we’re here to help!


VR Tradeshow benefits


1. Increased Foot Traffic


As trade show attendees walk the event floor, they have a huge number of booths vying for their attention. This can often result in a stream of people walking by your booth just close enough to see what’s going on while staying far enough away not to actually interact. We’re here to stop that. Virtual Reality can help drive event traffic toward your booth and away from the “middle carpet” by creating a fun, engaging experience.

Having your guests experience virtual reality is truly one of the best ways to shift event traffic to your space. For example, as your guests are walking the virtual plank on top of a 40 story building, they tend to have some great reactions, and time and time again, we see a crowd of attendees huddle around to see what’s going on.

Of course, the benefit of our virtual reality rental isn’t limited to the number of people you attract. We want people to recognize who you are and start interacting with your team, which brings us to the second benefit:


2. Increased Brand Awareness


By creating an awesome guest experience, and drawing as many people as possible to your booth, you’re creating an opportunity for increased brand awareness that your competitors can’t match. Whether it’s through social sharing or your guest’s individual takeaway, we can create an environment where people are excited to get to know more about you and what you do.

In an effort to further drive brand awareness, we also make sure that your event manager is familiar with your company and able to converse with attendees about who you are. We’ve found that this enables us to keep guests at your booth even if you’re temporarily busy speaking to another potential lead. In fact, we often hear back from our event partners that our event managers not only play a role in driving people to your booth, but also in helping you connect with event attendees.


3. Brand Positioning


In combination with driving brand awareness, incorporating virtual reality into your tradeshow also helps to position your brand as tech-forward and innovative. This truly sets VR apart from other activations as it combines the ability to drive brand awareness while also actively helping define how guests think about who you are.

We have continually seen companies who partner with us standing apart from their competition during their trade show. As your guests experience VR, they will associate their experience with your company, and we promise that it’s an experience they won’t forget. While there may be other activities that engage event guests, nothing can compete with virtual reality when it comes to positioning your brand.


4. Lead Generation


Virtual Reality is also a great tool you can use to drive leads at your next trade show. As a powerful conversation starter, our VR technology can facilitate interactions that create valuable opportunities for you and your business. We can help turn event attendees into leads by creating an inviting, engaging space that allows your guests to let their guard down and start talking!

Also, VR is a great addition to any trade show booth where you are using a badge-scanner to capture guest information. We’ve even seen our event partners require attendees to have their badge scanned in order to get access to their VR experience. In that way, you can use virtual reality not only to drive people to your booth, but also to incentivize them to engage with your brand.


5. Shared Experience (Get people talking)


As you have seen in the benefits we’ve mentioned so far, virtual reality is great for creating an unforgettable experience at your booth. However, VR also has the ability to get people talking about your company even if they aren’t directly interacting with you.

For example, your virtual reality activation will create word-of-mouth excitement that keeps people coming to your booth in a way that no other activation can. You can expect guests to visit your booth due to hearing their friends, coworkers, or fellow attendees describe it as a can’t-miss experience.

In addition, you can expect to hear your colleagues talk about your virtual reality experience during post-event networking events, dinners, and other activities. Because of that, we often see increased attendance as a trade show progresses, unlike most booths that experience a steady decline in participation.


We love bringing virtual reality sports simulators to events because they're great for keeping guests entertained and engaged. Plus, no matter what sport you choose, you can be assured that your guests are going to have a great time. If you have any questions about how to incorporate a VR sports simulator at your next event, we're always waiting and happy to talk about how VR can work for you!

Also, if you want more information before reaching out, check out our CEO talk about how virtual reality activations can fit perfectly into your trade show booth.

Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager