Your 2019 Virtual Reality Holiday Party Guide


As you prepare to bring your folks together to celebrate the season, we want to show you some of the ways we can help you create an unforgettable holiday experience at your next holiday party. 

The team at got together and came up with some of our favorite VR experiences for the holidays. We're confident that our choices will kick your holiday party up a notch while ensuring that your guests have a great time. First, we cover the holiday-themed experiences that are perfect for getting your guests into the holiday spirit. Second, we cover some of our most popular VR experiences. These are great choices for driving awesome guest reactions but are not specifically holiday themed. You can't go wrong either way! 

We hope this list can serve as inspiration for your event, and we're ready to help you with whatever you need in creating your perfect virtual reality holiday party plan.


Our Favorite VR Holiday-Themed Experiences For Holiday Parties:


1. Time For A Snowball Fight! 


Snowball fights are fun. They just are. Now you get to launch snowballs without having to grab your coat and gloves; plus, in VR there's no risk of accidentally hitting your boss as they walk by. In Merry Snowballs, you'll watch your guests compete for the high score as they prove their skills as the best snowball-thrower in the neighborhood. As they get better and better, they'll even get fun power ups like snowball launchers, slingshots, and health-restoring hearts to keep them in the game. If you're looking to draw a crowd, keep guests engaged, and create some fun memories, this is a great choice.


2. Test Your Skills At A Winter Wonderland Funhouse


We love the Winter Wonderland Funhouse because it gives your guests so many fun options within the same experience. As you can see in the video, this option takes you to a winter wonderland with whack-a-mole, ring toss, shooting galleries, and more. Your guests will have a blast challenging each other for the high score. In fact, if you're planning on bringing prizes to your party, we suggest tracking your guests' scores to pick your grand prize winner. It creates a friendly competition and keeps people coming back over and over again. Which VR carnival game is your favorite? THere's only one way to find out!


3. Take Your Guests Skiing This Holiday Season


No matter where your Holiday party is located, we can allow your guests to skiing right where they are. You won't believe the feeling you get as you swerve around trees, jump over hills, and gain speed toward the finish line. This VR option is great for showing your guests how immersive virtual reality can be, which is sure to lead to some very entertaining reactions. Imagine seeing your coworker, customer, VIP, or even your boss jumping over a canyon while trying to keep their balance and maintain their cool. After your guests experience VR Skiing, good luck gettin them to leave your Holiday party VR station!


Our Favorite Non-Themed VR Experiences For Holiday Parties


1. Watch Your Guests Move To The Beat

In Beat Saber, your guests are entered into an other-worldly VR soundstage where they are equipped with red and blue lightsabers used to swipe up, down, left, and right at neon blocks to the beat of the song of their choice. As you can probably tell, this VR experience is perfect for getting people to loosen up and start moving. You can expect to see your guests bring their friends over to your VR station as soon as they're done experiencing it for themselves. Also, you'll undoubtedly see a friendly competition grow to see who can come away with the high score. You and your guests are guaranteed to love this option.


2. Hit A Home Run


At your next holiday party, it's time to hit a home run without breaking the window. When we bring our Home Run Derby setup to your Holiday party, we pull out all the stops including the addition of a foam baseball bat equipped with a virtual reality motion tracker. This allows your guests to swing for the fences while getting the real feel of knocking one out of the park. For safety reasons, we suggest only bringing this experience to parties where you have enough space available that no one will be walking through your VR area. If you have the space, along with a crowd that loves to have fun, then this could be the perfect choice for you.


3. Learn To Fight Like A Space Pirate


In Space Pirate Trainer, your guests will be equipped with futuristic technology in order to fight off waves of alien enemies. Exactly how you choose to fight is up to you! For defensive minded warriors, there's a shield available to protect from incoming fire while you plot your best course. For all-out offensive attacks, you can dual wield any combination of crazy weapons from space-age guns to energy whips. Even though you have many different options for how to fight, this game is easy to learn and is frequently requested by our event partners because of it's ability to create a great environment at any party. 


4. Are Your Guests Afraid Of Heights?

The elevator doors open. At your feet is a long narrow plank hovering over 80 stories of open air. Looking out, you can see the full city skyline along with birds, helicopters, and possibly a few surprises waiting to see what you will do. Will you take a step out onto the board? Can you handle the pressure!? There's no way to know exactly how you'll react to this experience until you bring it to your event, and you'll be surprised to see which of your guests are brave enough to walk the plank as well as which guests have trouble making it out of the elevator doors. And yes, we always bring an actual plank for full VR immersion! One of our most popular VR experiences, this option is sure to get hearts pumping at your next Holiday party.


5. Step On The Gas At Your Holiday Party

In this VR racing simulator, you are able to pick the car or your dreams, choose your favorite track from around the world, and see how fast you can go. We're partial to Ferrari's, but to each their own. Each car you can choose through the game has been designed to mirror exactly what you find if you sat down in the actual drivers seat. To add to this experience, we bring a complete driver set up that includes racing seat, steering wheel, and pedals. Plus, it's adjustable to allow all of your guests to play comfortably. This is a unique, fun choice for any Holiday party and we guarantee that your guests will love taking a test drive in their dream car.


We hope this  list has given you some ideas for how to make your next holiday party a memorable experience. If you like what you see, we would be happy to help you incorporate some of these ideas into your next party. Also, we have a massive VR library, so even if you aren't sure about these options, we can help you find the perfect experience for you and your guests! Hit reply to this email to get the conversation started.


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