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Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager


VR For The Holiday Season


As you prepare to bring your folks together to celebrate the season, we want to show you some of the ways we can help you create an unforgettable holiday experience. 

The team at got together and came up with a few of our favorite VR experiences for the holidays. We're confident that our choices will kick your holiday party up a notch while ensuring that your guests will have a great time. We hope this list can serve as inspiration for your event, and we're ready to help you with whatever you need in creating your perfect virtual reality holiday party plan.


Our Favorite VR Holiday Experiences:


1. Visit Santa Claus At The North Pole!

We've all wanted to travel to the North Pole, tour Santa's workshop, and ride on santa's sleigh. Now's your chance! With this experience, your guests can sit back, relax, and get even more excited about the season! (note: not for naughty listers)

One of the most powerful aspects of virtual reality is that we can take your guests anywhere you want them to go, so whether you want your holiday party at the North Pole, on Mt. Everest, in the rainforest, or in your own backyard, we'll make it happen.


2. Have A Snowball Fight!

Snowball fights are fun. They just are. Now you get to launch snowballs at the competition without having to grab your coat and gloves; plus, in VR there's no risk of accidentally hitting your boss as they walk by. 

Experiences like this are great for creating a sense of excitement at your party and generating buzz among your guests.  Our VR library is filled with engaging options, and we can help find the perfect fit for you! 


3. Test Your Skills At A Winter Wonderland Funhouse

We love this type of game because it gives your guests so many fun options, all within the same game. As you can see in the video, this virtual experience takes you to a winter wonderland with whack-a-mole, ring toss, shooting galleries, and more.

Through this type of game, your guests will have a blast challenging each other for the high score. In fact, if you're planning on bringing prizes to your party, we suggest tracking your guests' game scores to pick your winner. It creates a friendly competition and keeps people coming back over and over again.


4. Take On Our Holiday Music Challenge

Here's a little-known fact: Sometimes, watching people use virtual reality is even more fun than using it yourself. If you can imagine your office neighbor wearing a VR headset while dancing to Jingle Bell Rock, you'll see what we mean. While only one person can wear a headset at a time, our favorite experiences are those that create lasting memories for the audience as well.


We hope this short list has given you some ideas for how to make your next holiday party a memorable experience. If you like what you see, we would be happy to help you incorporate some of these ideas into your next party. Also, we have a massive VR library, so even if you aren't sure about these options, we can help you find the perfect experience for you and your guests! Hit reply to this email to get the conversation started.

All the best,

Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager