Discover The History Of Virtual Reality 


The virtual reality devices of today have a nearly unlimited ability to create amazing new worlds. They’re capable of producing unforgettable gaming experiences, helping train the workforce, and even acting as therapeutic devices for a wide range of issues. Every day there are new industries finding out how VR can be used to improve existing programs or to create completely new processes never before possible.

By taking a look at the technological advancements that brought us to this point, we can get a better view of how virtual reality has been shaped over time. From simple lenses to simulators that track full body movement, the history of virtual reality is filled with interesting devices that have all contributed to the amazing technology of today.

Check out our “The History Of VR” infographic below to see where it all started, to catch up with some examples you might have had in your own bedroom, to see where we are now, and to get a glimpse of where we’re going!

By clinking below you’ll learn more about devices like the Stereoscope, the View-Master (a personal favorite), the Sword Of Damocles, The Virtuix Omni, and a special prediction for VR in 2020!

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Written By:

Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager