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Mitchell Adams
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branded virtual reality experiences


As the virtual reality industry continues to grow, brands are constantly discovering new ways to use the technology to engage with their audience. It’s easy to see why these experiences are gaining popularity. With the unprecedented ability to place viewers into completely unique virtual worlds, brands now have unlimited options in creating unique showcases for their products and services.

We’ve put together a list of 30 awesome virtual reality brand experiences in order to highlight some of the best uses of branded VR to this point. From car companies to tech giants, the range of brands using VR experiences to reach people continues grow, and we’re excited to see what’s next!

*If you have a VR headset available, you can watch many of these videos in full 360˚ video; however, even if you don’t, they will still give you an idea of the experience.


TOp branded vr experiences



1. TOMS Virtual Giving Trip

TOMS created a virtual reality experience that took their supporters around the world to the places where they are making an impact. Bringing headsets into their store was a great touch, but they’ve also made the video available to anyone with a VR headset.


2. The Haagen Dazs Bee Journey

Haagen Dazs decided to show their audience the perspective of the honey bee for their virtual reality experience. Taking an issue very important to not only the company, but to the general public, they displayed the perils facing honey bees as well as what we can all do to help.


3. Take A Drive With Mercedes

Have you ever wanted to drive a Mercedes E Class around Lisbon? Us too! Luckily, Mercedes created this VR video that puts you in right in the passenger seat.


4. Google's Oscar-Worthy Short Film

When Google decided to produce a virtual reality short film, they weren’t kidding around. Pearl, a heartfelt story about a girl, her father, and a road trip, became the first VR film nominated for an Oscar.

5. GE's VR Science Experiment

Can you fight fire with fire? GE set out to answer that question through a virtual reality video that puts you in the middle of their own science experiment. Luckily, now that we have this video, you can try it at home without trying it at home.

6. Oreo's Fantasy World

Oreo decided to transport their audience to a fantasy world filled with sweets in order to highlight their new cupcake-filled cookie. If this doesn’t make you want an Oreo ASAP, nothing will.


7. USA Soccer In VR

U.S. Soccer developed a VR video that showcases no only the country’s best players, but also the fans that support the team. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, it’s worth a watch.


8. Relax With Lipton

If you like to relax with a cup of Lipton tea, then this is the perfect VR video for you. Taking viewers inside a teacup, Lipton used VR to show people what their brand is all about.

9. Drinking Responsibly With Johnnie Walker 

In this VR experience, the team at Johnnie Walker demonstrates the importance of drinking responsibility. By showing the consequences of drunk driving, Johnnie Walker promoted their product while also calling for their customers to drink responsibly.

10. Clouds Over Sidra - United Nations

You’re likely familiar with the Syrian Refugee Crisis, but you’re unlikely to get a more profound perspective than the one shown in this video. By taking the viewer to a refugee camp, the United Nations used VR to demonstrate how the technology can create empathy and inspire change.


11. Samsung's VR Commercial

In this virtual reality commercial, Samsung demonstrates the power of their headsets to showcase specific products. Bringing in Kate Moss, the video aims to highlight a new fragrance while inspiring more companies to think about VR product launch campaigns.


12. The harbor That Never Sleeps - Dunkin Donuts

For their first VR short film series, Dunkin Donuts focused on the stories of people who are fueled by Coffee. This video takes you to New York Harbor as you watch the Towers of Manhattan rise.

13. Turns Children’s Dream Houses Into "Virtual" Reality

What does your dream home look like? The children in this video, through the help of Swiss real estate website, got to walk inside of their imaginary homes and see what they were like firsthand.


14. CNN At The Republican And Democratic Conventions

For the Democratic and Republican conventions, Norfolk Southern worked with CNN to give people a real-life view of their train yards and the people who work in them.

15. A Night On The Town With Absolut

Absolut created this virtual reality game to allow customers to experience a night on the town with Deadmou5. An avid gamer, the Dj even made sure to include his cat, Meowingtons, into the gameplay.


16. Nicole Kidman Helps Promote Etihad Airline

Nicole Kidman helped Etihad, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, show off their jets in-style. Showcasing their Airbus A-380, this video demonstrates a flight from New York to Abu Dhabi.

17. McDonald's + Angry Birds

In this VR video, Mcdonald’s takes viewers into one of the restaurants that has been over run with the characters from Angry Birds. This was a great use of VR as put a fun twist on their brand.


18. Lowes Holoroom

Lowe’s holoroom is an amazing use of virtual reality that perfectly represented their brand. Stepping inside the holoroom, Lowes allowed customers to actually see what their purchases would look like in their home while they were still inside the store.


19. Merrell's Trailscape VR Course

In order to release their new hiking shoe with a bang, Merrell created an entire VR obstacle course. This is one of the most impressive branded VR experiences you’ll find.

20. The Art Of Patron

Have you ever wondered how Patron is made? In this 360˚ video, you are taken through the process that results in your favorite Tequila. This video was specifically made for bartenders and distributors, but now serves as a great branded vr example for anyone with a headset.


21. Holiday Inn's Shower Experience

Branded VR is a great way to have some fun and show that your company has a sense of humor. In this example, Holiday Inn places you in a shower with Comedian Rob Riggle, who then explains why the hotel chain’s showers are the best you’ll find.


22. Lockheed Martin's "Group VR" Mars Trip

In order to bring the science of space into the classroom, lockheed martin outfitted a bus with special “Group VR” screens that gave students the feeling of visiting Mars.


23. Paint Your Own Happy Meal

You’re never too old for a Happy meal, and McDonalds proved it with an interactive SXSW exhibit. Attendees were able to take a shot at designing their own Happy meal box in virtual reality. Looks fun!


24. Clash Of Clans VR

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a Clash of Clans raid in person, here’s your chance. Experiences like this allow users to interact with a brand in a way never before possible.


25. Marriott Hotels "Teleporter"

Marriott Hotel’s created their “Teleporter” experience in order to take their guests to their hotels across the globe. In the above video you can see a newlywed couple take a virtual honeymoon!


26. Jaguar's Wimbledon Flyover

In order to promote their sponsorships of Wimbledon, Jaguar opted to create a virtual reality experience that not only let you fly over the tournament, but even took you to center court to watch Andy Murray’s game-winning point.


27. Volvo XC90 VR

Branded VR is especially popular with car manufacturers and this video will show you why. Having the ability to place potential customers inside a new car is a huge benefit of using this emerging technology to showcase your products.


28. Twas The Flight Before Christmas - JCPenny

JCPenney took branded VR to a whole new level with this experience. Not only did they allow customers to visit the North Pole, but they were waiting with Coupons and Gift Cards as soon as people “returned’ from their trip.


29. FOX "24 - Feel The Raid"

To promote the new season of it’s hit show “24,” FOX created a virtual reality prequel to the season and allowed fans to experience the intense action in a whole new way. If you're looking for an intense branded experience, this is the way to go.


30. Clorox - Purely Peru

Clorox created this branded experience to highlight the importance of clean water in Peru. Combining company branding with socially conscious messaging is a popular, and meaningful, VR option.