"We had BLAST using the VR headsets. It was something very different and that 95% of our employees hadn’t tried before... Mona was fantastic! She was dressed properly and her charm/personality fit right in with our group. The mix of experiences that you recommended was just right. We have some fun videos of people to share so thank you very much! I appreciate your team's hard work and wish you the best this holiday season!"

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Gabrielle Hoag
Arden Companies

At The Event:

Event Manager

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"The Arden holiday party was great! Everyone seemed to really love the VR experiences, people couldn't stop talking about it, and each guest tried either the 360˚ videos, the room-scale setup, or both."


Arden Companies Rings In The Holidays With Virtual Reality


Written By:

Shane Terrell
Sales Director

Arden Companies is a great event partner, and we’re excited to work with them again in the future. Check out the description below for more details on how we worked together to create an awesome holiday party for their guests. If you’re interested in incorporating virtual reality into your next event, we’re here to help you get started! Click the button below and one of our VR experts will be in touch shortly.


For their annual holiday party, Arden Companies was looking for an entertainment option that would keep all of their guests happy while creating an unforgettable experience. We’re always looking to help companies develop awesome virtual reality parties, so we were excited to help them out. The VR event plan we came up with included using both a room-scale VR setup and 360˚ virtual reality station so that guests had the option to try both types of headsets. Since the two experiences compliment each other so well, including both options created a really fun party experience.

We love bringing 360˚ headsets to parties because they allow multiple people to experience virtual reality at once. Plus, our gigantic library of 360˚ experiences assures that we can find the perfect videos to match your event. For Arden Companies, the 360˚ headsets contained a roller coaster ride, a skydiving experience, a trip on Santa’s sleigh, a first row view of Cirque de Soleil, and a relaxing trip to the Maldives. With this wide range of videos, guests had the ability to choose their own adventure.

For their room-scale setup, Arden Companies decided on two of our favorites: Richie’s Plank Experience and Audioshield. In Richie’s plank experience, guests are asked to step into an elevator that takes them to the top of a 40-story building. After they’ve reached the top floor, the elevator doors open revealing a plank that extends out from the building. At that point, guests can walk out onto an actual plank that we’ve set up to the exact dimensions as the virtual one they're seeing. The second experience, Audioshield, is another of our favorite crowd-pleasers. Guests, after choosing their favorite song, are taken to an arena while holding a shield in each hand (one blue, one red.) As the song starts, red and blue spheres start flying toward the guest to the beat of the song. They then get a point for every sphere they can hit with the correct colored shield. Both of the experiences chosen for this event are sure to get people moving and draw an audience.

The goal of the Arden Companies holiday party was to make sure guests had a great time, and we were very happy to help achieve that goal. Drawing a constant audience, the VR station offered guests a chance to see their coworkers walking a plank or moving around to their favorite song, while the 360˚ viewing area gave them a chance to experience multiple VR worlds for themselves.

We loved working with Arden Companies, and we were happy to see their guests have a great time at their holiday party. Hopefully, we get to work together again and create an even better experience next time around! If you want to start thinking through your own party, feel free to reach out. We’re ready to get started!