Popular VR Activation Floor Plans

Understanding how your VR rental will impact the layout of your event space


Popular VR Activation Floor Plans

Understanding how your VR rental will impact the layout of your event space

Setting up your VR event area

Depending on the specifics of your VR rental, your event area can take a few different shapes. Factors that will determine what your event looks include your physical event space, the type of virtual reality equipment that comes with your rental, and the number of VR areas that we are setting up for your guests. The examples shared on this page come from years of experience using VR to impress guests at events ranging from holiday parties to industry trade shows, and we’re confident that they will give you a better idea of what to expect when bringing VR to your event.

All of our VR experiences fall into two categories: Room Scale VR and 360 VR. This page will help you see the differences between the two types in terms of how they affect your event layout. While both types of VR can be a great addition to almost any event, our expert team can help you identify the option that most closely matches your event space as well as your event goals. Plus, we can even build packages that include both types of VR into one rental!

We’re excited to learn more about your event and how we can use the templates below to help shape your guests’ event experience. To get started, just click below on the type of VR rental we’re bringing to your event. If you’re not sure yet, no problem! This is a great place to start.


Room Scale VR Event layout

Room Scale VR Event layout

Setting Up Your Room Scale VR Event

Room Scale Vr is the ultimate in virtual reality immersion, and to offer this type of VR experience to your guests you first need to account for the space needed. As you will see in each of the event layouts below, every room scale VR rig requires it’s own dedicated area. Inside this area is where your guests’ movement will be tracked as they interact with objects in their new virtual environment. Once the other event attendees see someone experiencing VR inside your event area, you’ll start attracting the attention you deserve while driving repeat visitors. Below, you’ll see a few different setups that will help you start thinking through your own event!

You’ll also notice that we’ve included a 360 VR area at the bottom of each of our Room Scale VR layouts. This is to show that you don’t have to choose just one! We’re happy to build a VR rental that uses both to achieve an unmatched guest experience. If you’re only interested in 360 VR, no worries! You can always skip down to the 360 VR Layout section.

  1. Single Room Scale Rig Layout


2. Double Room Scale Rig Layout


3. Triple Room Scale Rig layout


4. Quadruple Room Scale Rig Layout


What Will Your Event Look Like?

Now that you have a better idea of what your VR event could look like, let’s start filling out your event plan. What kind of virtual reality experience will your guests love? How can we help your brand grab attention with custom branding? What specific event goals can we help you achieve? We’re just getting to the fun part, so don’t stop now!


360 VR Event Layout

360 VR Event Layout

Setting up your 360 vr event

360 VR is the best way to let multiple guests experience virtual reality at the same time. Instead of setting aside a space for a single person to experience VR (as you need to do in Room Scale VR), this option allows you to have a whole group going in the same space and at the same time. That’s because 360 VR doesn’t require full body tracking, and only your head and limited hand motions are tracked. This allows for a seated experience that maximizes your event space without sacrificing the VR experience. Below you will see what a 360 VR exclusive event space might look like.

  1. Single 360 VR Event Layout


2. Double 360 VR Event Layout


Building Your Perfect 360 VR Event Plan

If 360 VR looks like it could fit into your upcoming event, then we’re ready to help you make it happen. Whether you want to take advantage of our huge library of 360 videos or one of our crowd favorite VR apps, this virtual reality option is a great choice. To get started, just click the button below and tell us a little about yourself!




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