Seniors aren’t necessarily the first group that comes to mind when thinking of new technology adaptation but virtual reality has led the way in bridging gaps between seniors and new technology.  As we age, mobility and memory become issues that are all too common. With the use of virtual reality, directors and managers of retirement homes, senior living facilities and assisted care facilities can bring new exciting experiences to life for their residents. In the virtual world, seniors can be transported to exotic places, memorable places from their past, concerts and more!

Virtual reality has already proven to be more than just a trip to other worlds for seniors, however. Research is already starting to show that virtual reality can help in the diagnosis diseases like of early onset dementia, as well as the treatment of people with these types of diseases. Other early research is showing that virtual reality can be a cognitive training tool in these types of experiences, making training more fun and engaging.

Karyl Smith, Community Relations Director at American House Riverview, had this to say about the virtual reality experience they provided to their residents, “the virtual reality event was a fabulous experience for American House Residents, integrating the use of technology and allowing our residents to enjoy once in a lifetime opportunities. Many of the participants were excited and animated in explaining what they saw and heard while wearing the headsets, and have requested a repeat of the event so they can explore some of the other experiences have to offer.”

Popular VR Experiences for Seniors

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