bring the game to your guests with our VR football simulator!


It's time to pull out the playbook. In this football VR experience, your guests are asked to take the role of professional quarterback as they toss passes to receivers all around the field. Your guests will have to watch the timer and work on their accuracy in order to compete for the high score and prove their skill. When you bring this experience to your event, you can expect to see a fun, friendly competition develop that drives a large audience to your VR event space. For this reason, the VR Football Simulator has become both a crowd favorite at events as well as preferred option among our event partners. Are you ready to go inside the game? We can make it happen!


VR Football simulator at your event


Event Benefits:

  • Great For Drawing A Crowd

  • Creates Friendly Competition

  • Proven Guest Favorite

  • Fully Immersive

Service Includes:

  • Full VR Setup (Headset, Controllers, Sensors, Computer)

  • Full Event Support Including Pre-Event Strategy

  • Expert Event Manager To Execute Event

Logistical Requirements:

  • Space: Minimum Of 8 By X 8 Feet

  • Power: One standard electrical outlet — 110V, 10 amps, 3-prong power outlet.

  • Wifi Requirements: None


Sports experiences are great for parties and the VR Football Simulator is one the most popular options we offer. Just sit back and let us take care of your VR setup. Once it's up, you'll see it, you'll hear it, and you'll want to join in yourself.


Conferences are all about making an impression, and with this experience we can promise that your guests aren't going to forget your event space anytime soon. It's time to put the (virtual) ball in your guests hands and see what they can do!

Other Event Types

Everyone can get in this game. Even if you aren't planning a party or trade show, we've brought our football simulator to many types of events and it's always a hit. Let us know about your specific event vision and we'll start working!

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“Closest thing to real football!”

man (3).png
5 stars.png

"This is the best VR football game so far”

5 stars.png

“Do we finally have a good American Football game in VR? Yes we do!”

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“As an event planner, I found the entire experience very easy to execute, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, made it all so seamless and smooth. The technology and apps you had preloaded were the perfect mix of inspirational and practical, driving home the point of our event. I really hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.”

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