Use The VR Basketball Simulator To transport your guests

Need an assist to make your next event a slam dunk? No guest can refuse the chance to take their shot at the NBA with exhilarating VR basketball experiences that put them right in the game! The virtual reality basketball simulator can even be customized to your audience! Will they prefer true-to-life beat-the-buzzer and trick shot skill challenges or more adventurous game modes, like tossing paper airplanes through hoops or slinging banana peels into garbage cans?

Either way, VR basketball players will enjoy a rich sensory experience. As they perfect their aim, guests are met with bright, flashing lights, the unmistakable sound of sneakers squeaking on the court, and the gratifying roar of thousands of adoring fans in the stands. There are plenty of ways to make the virtual reality basketball simulator something worth shooting for. Appeal to your guests’ competitive nature by creating “teams” that compete to reach the top of a prominently displayed scoreboard. Consider handing out a jersey that sports your company’s logo as a “sponsor” to the MVPs.


VR Basketball Simulator At Your Event


Event Benefits:

  • Mild exercise improves guests’ attention & focus

  • Boosts guests’ confidence & builds rapport 

  • Friendly competition makes your booth irresistible

Service Includes:

  • Full VR Setup 

  • On Demand Tech Support

  • Expert Event Manager to Execute Event



The chance to play VR basketball allows guests that consider themselves superfans of the sport to become their own heroes. For those that haven’t set foot on the court since high school gym class, virtual reality sports are a refreshing opportunity to test out their skills in a supportive environment.

Trade Show

Whether your guests have been major basketball fans since childhood or only know Shaquille O’Neal from Steel, the VR basketball simulator is accessible and intuitive to play. From Gen Z to Boomers, age is irrelevant once the gamers get their gear on! The variety of playmodes makes the game perfect for diverse groups with variable personalities and skill levels.


Whatever your event is celebrating, you can’t go wrong by offering your attendees the chance to shoot some hoops in virtual reality. The VR basketball simulator is ideal for birthdays, product launches, seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, and even family reunions. 


“Very Fun”




“Scoreboard Is Awesome!”


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As an event planner, I found the entire experience very easy to execute, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, made it all so seamless and smooth. The technology and apps you had preloaded were the perfect mix of inspirational and practical, driving home the point of our event. I really hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.

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