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With so many different VR experiences already available, and new ones popping up every day, we wanted to take a step back and share some of the options that we’re excited about this year. Below, we’ve included the virtual reality experiences that we’ve seen capture amazing reactions at everything from company holiday parties to giant trade shows. Of course, your own personal favorite VR experience is going to depend on your preferences, your event goals, the physical requirements of your VR space, and more.
If any of the VR experiences on this page look like a good fit for you, then we’re ready to help you make it happen. However, if you have something different in mind, we’re always happy to help you explore a full range of VR options. We’re excited about helping you create your perfect VR experience, so let’s get started!


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Beat Saber’s appeal is pretty obvious from the first play through. You have light sabers, you have music, you have an immersive VR arena and gameplay that gets people moving. What’s not to love? We love experiences that are easy to learn, can be played quickly, and that are so replayable that there’s no way you can experience it just once. Beat Saber fits all of those criteria and has been proven as a crowd favorite every time we bring it to an event.




Similar to Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer is a virtual reality experience that you’ll want to replay over and over again. As you use futuristic weapons and energy shields to make your way through waves of alien enemies, you’ll experience the type of immersion that makes VR an amazing experience. Plus, it’s a great option for creating a friendly sense of competition at any event that will keep guests engaged and generate a ton of interest.




Virtual reality experiences can be immersive and engaging without needing to be “intense.” Fruit Ninja VR is proof of that. Sometimes, you just want to pick up the headset, grab your controllers, and play through a light experience that’s just pure fun. In this riff on the popular mobile game, you’ll wield two swords and slice your way through apples, pears, coconuts, and more in order to get the highest score possible (just watch out for the bombs!)




Sometimes it’s the simplest VR experiences that are the most effective. Take the Fear Of Heights Simulator as an example: Get in the elevator, ride to the top floor, walk the plank. It might sound easy now, but once your transported into the virtual world, you’ll be surprised at how difficult that first step onto the plank can become. For an extra thrill, we even bring an actual wooden plank that is matched to the same specs as the one you see extending from the elevator floor. How for will you get?




Most current VR experiences have remained as essentially single-player; however, if you want to have fun with the whole group in VR, you do have some options. With VR Pictionary, you get to take the classic party game and turn it into an innovative virtual experience that no one in your group will forget. All you need to do is separate into teams, choose a theme and a few words to pick from, and start drawing on your unlimited canvas.




This VR experience is all about testing the limits of your own imagination. What will you create when given an entire virtual canvas and a huge number of paintbrushes to choose from? Not coming up with anything, no problem! Another cool thing about this experience is that we can give you a headstart by filling the space with virtual objects and even your own corporate designs. As an example, it’s perfect for adding an extra dimension to any product launch.




You know that when you’re adding a full, VR-capable racing seat that things are starting to get serious. We love watching people play through this experience as the reactions tend to be pretty great. You won’t believe the attention to detail that gets put into each of the countless cars that you can test drive in this experience. Plus, you can visit tracks from all over the world. This experience is perfect for any type of event and never fails to create some awesome moments.




There’s no better feeling than hitting the ball out of the park, and there’s no easier path to that feeling than stepping into VR and becoming a baseball All-Star. Using a small, foam bat, you’ll practice your perfect swing until every ball is soaring over the stands. Of course, being VR, you’ll also get some fireworks thrown in for effect. Also, you can choose your park or even adjust the ball size to your liking.




This multiplayer VR experience is the best when it comes to getting the whole team to work together in virtual reality. For both the player wearing the headset as well as their puzzle-solving team mates, the sense is pressure is real as you attempt to defuse a bomb before it goes off. As you get better at the game, it continues to get more and more difficult, which ensures that you’ll always be on your toes while waiting for the next challenge to appear.




If you’re looking for a relaxing VR experience then you have to try meditating in virtual reality. There’s no better way to calm down than by picking your favorite environment, whether that’s the beach, a garden, or way up in the mountains to name a few, and sitting back. This is great VR experience if you’re looking to re-energize guests, provide a quick break from other activities, or just put people in a great mood.


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