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Why Use Virtual Reality For Team Building?


As you plan your next team building event, deciding on your overall goals, and thinking through the specific activities that can help make them happen, there are no shortage of options to consider. Team building can take on many forms and different goals require completely different experiences. That’s where virtual reality (VR) comes in as a powerful team building tool. With VR, anything is possible. No matter what your goal is, there is a virtual reality experience that can help make it happen.

This flexibility is achieved through VR’s ability to create any type of experience for your team. We’ve helped plan events where teams are taken on a an amazing virtual field trip to Mt. Everest, where guests are asked to collaborate with each other to achieve objectives in a virtual environment, or even where attendees foster a sense of friendly competition through VR challenges that make sure everyone is having a great time. It’s not often that you can offer your team a chance to work together while exploring a completely virtual world and creating memories that they will never forget.


How To Use VR For Team Building:


A powerful aspect of using virtual reality for team building is that you get to decide exactly how your attendees interact with the experience as well as with each other. It can be beneficial to have experiences where each attendee is guided in their very own VR landscape; however, it can be just as useful to create a fun, engaging group dynamic with multiple people interacting at once. Additionally, sometimes you might want both, and with virtual reality that's no problem!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite team building themes and goals, along with specific VR experiences for each, that will help you make a decision on what type of virtual reality team building event is right for you and your attendees. Ranging from relaxed experiences perfect for getting your team to take a breath, to exhilarating adventures that will have you and your co-workers ready to tackle any challenge, these examples should give you an idea of what to expect when planning a team building event using virtual reality. 


Check Out Our Featured VR Team Building Experiences


Before you jump in to our top ten team building experiences, check out our current featured options. To give you a more in-depth look at these experiences, we've included videos, a mock up of your event space, specific benefits of each option, customer reviews, and more. We're always excited to bring fun, engaging, and unique to team building events, and we're confident that we can help develop your perfect event plan! Between these featured experiences and our top 10 experiences, this is the place to start thinking about your upcoming event.


Our Top Ten Virtual Reality Team Building Experiences


1. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Uses: Collaboration / Communication / Teamwork

Are you ready to see your attendees prove their teamworking skills? In this intense VR experience, one person wears a VR headset while up to four teammates are equipped with instructions that will help them diffuse a virtual bomb. The only way to overcome this challenge is by working together, and this experience is a great way to get people communicating in order to achieve a common goal.

We recommend this team building experience for any event where teamwork, collaboration, and communication are important focuses. While there is no doubt your guests will have a great time in VR, they will also get the chance to work with their teammates in an exciting, new way, while seeing if they can keep calm under pressure.


2. Fantastic Contraption

Uses: Innovation / Problem Solving

If you want your attendees to have a great time while solving unique challenges and showing off their critical thinking skills, then this VR experience is a great choice. In “Fantastic Contraption”, your guests will be equipped with a set of tools allowing them to build anything they can imagine in order to solve virtual reality puzzles. We can guarantee that none of your guests will have the same solution, which highlights the specific strengths of your team members while showing that there are many different ways of thinking through challenges.

This experience is perfect for team building events where you want your guests to think outside of the box. You’ve never seen a challenge like this before, and your attendees will have a great time figuring out how to create the best solution. If you’re looking to promote innovation and problem solving, it doesn’t get much better than this.


3. NBA 2K VR

Uses: Friendly Competition

One of the best ways to get your next virtual reality team building events going is by giving your guests the ability to compete against each other. One of our favorite ways to do that is through NBA 2K VR, a basketball themed challenge where guests get to transform into professional basketball players and test their shot-making skills . Additionally, we’ve found that keeping the scores posted on a whiteboard is a really fun way to keep attendees wanting to top each other’s best mark.

A little friendly competition might be exactly what you need to get people excited for your next team building event, and this experience definitely delivers. Plus, if you love the idea of fostering this type of group dynamic, but you aren’t sure about the basketball theme, don’t worry! There are plenty of similar experiences to choose from whether you just want to play a different sport, or you want a different type of experience all together. Keep reading for a few more of our favorite examples!


4. Meditation VR

Uses: Relaxation / Mindfulness

In any workplace, you’re bound to find stress somewhere. Whether you’re putting in extra hours to meet an upcoming deadline or you’re trying to set up your next project for success, there are times when it’s valuable to take a step back. A meditation based VR experience is a great way to show your attendees how to unwind so that they can take on their next challenge with a renewed focus and energy.

If you’re looking to host a team building event that shows your guests the power of meditation, or if you just want to have a place for your attendees to take a break from other planned activities, then you should consider incorporating the Meditation VR experience.


5. Everest VR

Uses: Virtual Field Trip

One of the most common team building tactics is to take your attendees somewhere outside of their every day environment, but have you ever taken them to Mt. Everest? In virtual reality, you can take your entire team anywhere in the world in an instant. Whether you want to transport your guests to mountaintops, forests, ocean depths, or even show them a different perspective on your own backyard, we can help you make it happen.

This is a great virtual reality team building option because it immediately allows people to have an amazing experience that they can share with their co-workers. Plus, there is a huge amount of VR experiences that focus on different regions all the way from your hometown to the Earth’s orbit, so you can choose the best destination for your guests.


6. Pictionary VR

Uses: Fun / Competition / Teamwork

You’ve most likely played Pictionary, a classic game that doubles as a great team building exercise, but playing in VR is a completely different experience. In this VR experience, you get to  lead your attendees through the game while attendees attempt to guess what their teammates are drawing in virtual reality. This is a great opportunity to split your group up into teams and create a fun, friendly competition that will have everyone participating.

We suggest this experience for team building events where the focus is on creating a fun sense of competition while also promoting teamwork and communication. It’s rare to be able to give your attendees a familiar experience while incorporating cutting-edge, innovative technology, which is one of the reasons this experience stands as a crowd favorite.


7. Job Simulator

Uses: Pure Fun

In Job Simulator, guests are transported to a virtual workplace where they get to make coffee, turn on their computer, eat donuts, talk on the phone, and more! You might not think a virtual workplace would be the most exciting team building activity, but don’t be fooled! This is one of the most popular VR experiences in all of virtual reality. Your guests will have a great time exploring the VR workplace, laughing their way through this ridiculous spin on everyday tasks.

We suggest letting your attendees play this experience in turns with the experience shown through an output to a high resolution television or OLED screen as it tends to create audience involvement that keeps everyone engaged even when they aren’t inside the experience. One bonus of this VR team building exercise is that you get to find out who is your best virtual employee! If you’re looking to deliver a fun experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is a great choice.


8. United Nations VR Experience

Uses: Social Awareness / Social Good

Does your team work in an area of social impact? Whether you’re a non-profit, NGO, benefit corporation, advocacy group, or you just want to deliver a team building experience has a clear social message, this VR experience will bring your team together while also educating them on a world issue, or supporting a specific cause. This video takes you through the creation of a virtual reality video dedicated to understanding the Syrian refugee crisis, and is a great example of how VR can help achieve social good through sharing real world experiences of those in need.

While we think a social awareness VR experience can be a useful tool for almost any type of team building event, we especially suggest it for organizations and groups who actively work to address social issues and challenges, as well as companies who are looking to build awareness for a certain cause among their employees.


9. Arizona Sunshine

Uses: Friendly Competition

Nothing boosts focus and productivity like having to survive a zombie apocalypse! In Arizona Sunshine, the undead are coming and it's your job to fend them off for as long as possible. This experience is great for giving your guest an unforgettable thrill, and they will have a great time finding out who truly has the best survival skills. 

We suggest letting your attendees take turns seeing how long they make it as the zombie keep coming and coming. This is a great experience for allowing your team to experience the highest level of immersion in VR while also allowing for friendly competition. If you think your guests can handle it, Arizona Sunshine can be a really fun team building exercise.


10. Soundstage: VR Music Maker

Uses: Collaboration / Teamwork / Creativity

Soundstage: VR Music Maker allows your guests to collaborate in order to create their own custom songs. With a huge number of sounds and instruments to choose from, it's alway interesting to see the results when attendees are asked to collaborate in order to create their own music. This is a great experience for discovering new ways your team can work together while identifying the importance of everyone playing their part in order to achieve the best group product.

Your guests don't have to be musicians to appreciate this experience. Because the instruments are so intuitive, anyone can get up to speed and contribute their creativity to the experience. This is a great option if your'e looking to bring your group together and have them exit the session having achieved a collective accomplishment, plus it's just really fun. 



Hopefully this list gave you an idea of how virtual reality can help you create an unforgettable team building experience. The options on this list include some of our favorites, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We have thousands of experiences to choose from and we’re always ready to help you start through which option is the best for you and your guests. In fact, we pride ourselves on having the best service possible including pre-event strategy, equipment rental, event execution, and no-hassle breakdown so that the entire rental experience is completely seamless.

Our team of experts is ready to get going, so if you think this could be a good fit for your next team building event, let’s get started!



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