Macy's Fourth of July Firework Virtual Reality Activation

Renowned for their Fourth of July fireworks display in New York City, Macy’s, brought more than just traditional fireworks to life this year. In partnership with, Macy’s brought HTC Vive Headsets and the Google Tilt Brush experience to four Macy’s stores across the country and to a local festival to kick off the patriotic holiday celebrations.   

Guests who attended one of the Macy’s VR activations had the opportunity to create their own fireworks within the Google Tilt Brush experience and then share with family and friends through social media.  Google Tilt Brush is one of the first VR experiences of its kind and caliber, allowing its user to create 3D paintings within a virtual space. The Tilt Brush experience shows what it’s like to make the room your canvas and paint in all kinds of mediums, ranging from pastels, to snow and fire.


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