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VR Headset Rental


VR Headset Rental


what is virtual reality?


If you're interested in cutting edge event entertainment, you’ve most likely heard of virtual reality (VR), but what is it? Essentially, virtual reality is the use of a headset that shows the user an entirely virtual, 360 world. When you are in virtual reality, you are able to look all around while seeing everything in your virtual environment as if you're really there. For example, in a virtual reality experience you might be looking out from the peak of Mt. Everest, gazing down at the side of the mountain while surrounded by clouds. In a different VR experience, you could just as easily be racing in a high-end sports car, turning your head to watch the track fly by, or keeping your eyes on the road while you chase the competition. In certain types of virtual reality, you can use motion-tracked controllers to actually interact with objects in your virtual world, so if you see something in front of you, don’t be shy! Reach out and touch it! The truth is that VR can be anything you want it to be, and our library of VR experiences is overflowing with options that will amaze guests at your next event.

The most crucial component of any VR equipment rental is the headset, and in the next section we will go through exactly what a VR headset is.


What is a VR headset?


A few things are common to all VR headsets. The first being that they are all equipped with special, high-resolution lenses that are designed to let the user see their virtual environment in 360 degrees. When your guests look right, they will really be looking right in their virtual world, seeing what’s around them. What if they want to turn in circles? Same thing! Wherever you look using a VR headset, your vision will be tracked and you will be able to see in that direction in your virtual space.

Sometimes when you’re in a virtual reality experience, you will want to dodge a projectile, duck under a branch, head a soccer ball, or peek around a corner. In order to allow that to happen, certain headsets are equipped with sensors that track your movement. Using these headsets, you are able to add a whole different dimension to your VR experience.

All of the headsets we use were chosen not only for their technical capabilities, but also for their comfort. Because VR headsets are such a vital piece of the VR experience, we feel it’s important that your guests are fully immersed using a headset that isn’t too bulky, too tight, or too uncomfortable, and that no matter how many guests your VR experience attracts, swapping the headset from one guest to another is no problem. This level of comfort is achieved through using adjustable straps and high-quality materials throughout the headset design.

VR headsets are essentially just what they sound like: a headset. However, at we pay special attention to which headsets have the highest image quality, have the most exact, pinpoint motion tracking accuracy, and of course, have the highest level of comfort possible. Through years of experience executing VR activations at corporate events, we are confident that our VR technology is the absolute best for creating an amazing guest experience.


What can you do with a vr headset?


Bringing a VR headset to your next event can take your guest experience to the next level while driving engagement and positioning your company as both fun and tech-forward. In short, incorporating a VR headset into your next event will help you reach your specific event goals. We have an extensive collection of VR experiences to choose from, and we are confident that we have the perfect fit for you. If you are ready to see how we can work together to create an unforgettable guest experience, don’t hesitate! Our team of VR experts is ready to help create your perfect VR event plan.


cogni.jpg was extremely professional both in the pre-event planning and the onsite execution. The technology and the staff were outstanding. I would not hesitate to use them again for our events.
 Katy Genden Global Events Cognizant

Katy Genden
Global Events

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Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

what types of VR headset are available for my next event?


At we offer two different types of VR headsets: a 360 VR headset, and a room scale VR headset. While both options offer a top-notch VR experience, they each have their own unique benefits.

Our 360 VR headset is the more relaxed, streamlined version of the two options. While using a 360 VR headset, your guests are usually seated, and their VR experience is focused on letting them look around their virtual environment without having to move around. This is a great option if you want to provide an experience that can fit a big VR experience into a small space.

The Room Scale VR headset, on the other hand, requires more space and is the most immersive VR experience available. In room scale VR, your guests will not only have a VR headset, but also two motion-tracked controllers that allow them to interact with objects in their virtual space. If you want to deliver a VR experience that will really drive engagement at your next event, you should consider room scale VR.

In the next section you can see some of our favorite VR experiences as well as further explanation of what our two headset type truly bring to the table.


360 vr


360 VR is great option for events where you would like to have as many people as possible experiencing VR at once, or where you want to deliver a huge VR experience without sacrificing event space. Many of of our most popular 360 VR experiences include those that allow guests to travel to real world locations. For example, we can let your guests climb Mt. Everest, walk through a tropical rainforest, visit the largest cities on the planet, and look down on our planet from space. However, if you’re looking for a different type of 360 VR experience, we also have an extensive collection of puzzles and games that will keep your guests entertained. With over 40,000 360 VR experiences to choose from, we know we can find the perfect fit for your event.

You can expect us to have each headset pre-loaded with all of the experiences you have chosen for your guests, as well as to provide a capable, professional VR expert who will keep your VR headsets working at the highest capacity while also guiding your guests to a fun, easy VR experience. On your end, we will need access to power as well as a space that includes tables and chairs. While every event is different, we typically suggest one 48-inch round table to every three or four chairs present for your guests.

360 VR at Events:

What 360 VR Looks Like:


360 VR Experiences



room scale VR


Room Scale VR is the most engaging version of virtual reality that is available today. Giving guests the ability to manipulate objects in a virtual reality environment, this VR experience is in a class of it’s own when it comes to overall immersion. Your guests will have a great time moving around the play area while discovering how to interact with their new VR world. In order to give your guests the best experience possible, you will need an 8 foot by 8 foot area dedicated to our VR setup; however, we do have some experiences that can accommodate a smaller 6 foot by 6 foot area.

Running a room scale VR event requires the latest, most cutting-edge virtual reality technology on the market. You will not only the room scale VR headset, but also a pair of specially designed, hand held controllers. While only one person at a time can use this technology, you never have to leave anyone out of the experience. We can easily output the images that the guest is seeing through a TV or LED wall. Because of this, you can keep your entire audience involved even when they aren’t actively taking part. Plus, if you would like up the number of participants, we can always increase the number of room scale VR setups present at your next event.

Room Scale VR at Events

What 360 VR Looks Like


Room scale VR experiences


VirtualRealityRental.Co. was the perfect addition to help bring our science magazines to life. Attendees loved their 360 VR experience and truly felt they were taken to new places around the world. It was a major plus hiring our onsite technician, Shayna because she made the process seamless by making all of our attendees feel comfortable and excited about try VR for the first time. Thank you for making our exhibit memorable!
 Kimone Johnson, Senior Marketing Manager Scholastic, Inc. New York City, NY

Kimone Johnson,
Senior Marketing Manager
Scholastic, Inc.
New York City, NY

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Choosing a vr headset

Choosing a vr headset


Why Rent a Virtual Reality Headset For Your Next Event?


Now that you have seen what virtual reality is, and what types of VR we offer, another question remains: Why should you rent VR for your next event? With more and more companies learning the benefits of bring VR to their events, the answer to that question is becoming increasingly clear. Virtual reality is simply the best way to provide your guests with a fun, engaging experience that they will never forget.

Whether you’re looking to increase foot traffic, drive audience engagement, promote or launch a new product, or just show your guests a really great time, VR can help you reach any event goal. We’ve partnered with some of the most well-known brands to bring successful VR activations to their events, and we are confident that we can work with you to design the perfect VR experience for your guests. You can see some of our previous partners here:


when does it make sense to leverage a VR headset?


While the VR experience is centered around the guest experience, we understand that it only truly works if your company is realizing a benefit and achieving event goals. We have helped to incorporate VR experiences into conferences, trade shows, exhibits, meetings, parties, and more, and because of that diverse background, we have developed valuable insight into what type of VR experience is best in a wide array of different situations. We can tailor your VR headset rental to match any event type, and any event goal, and we look forward to finding out how we can best serve you and your guests.

We’ve included some of our most popular event themes and event types below:

Popular Event Themes:

  • Futuristic

  • Sports

  • Western Theme

  • 80's/90's

  • Zombie

  • Wild West

  • Carnival/Fair

  • Flying

  • Nature


Popular Event Types:

  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits

  • Conference

  • Corporate Holiday Parties

  • Corporate Perks & Culture Building

  • Networking Event

  • Product launch

  • VIP Experience



How To Rent A VR Headset

How To Rent A VR Headset


How we work


We understand that you might not have brought virtual reality to one of your previous events, and our goal is to make the entire event planning process, from start to finish, as easy as possible.

Our team of experts is committed to helping you think through the rental process in order to ensure our event plan matches your vision. In order to make that happen, we use a tested, three-step process that includes pre-event strategy, equipment rental, and event staffing. We understand the importance of getting each of these steps right, and look forward to figuring out the best plan for your next event.

Pre-Event Strategy.png

Every event begins with our pre-event strategy process. During this phase, we focus on educating you, the customer, on what’s possible and empowering you to make the best decisions for your event. For example, we work with you to plan every detail of the experience, including which VR technology to leverage, how to maximize guest throughput, which VR experiences to feature, and how we plan on accomplishing the goals your company has set for the event.


In addition to strategic planning, provides every piece of equipment needed to execute your VR experience at your next event. We deliver, set up, and breakdown the equipment with little to no oversight required, allowing you to focus on other important obligations. Our equipment is the best in the industry, which leads to the best possible experience for your guests.


The final piece of the puzzle revolves around our professional and knowledgeable staff. First, our experts really know and care about VR. Second, they love interacting with event attendees. Our experts use their knowledge and excitement for the technology to ensure your guests have a great time. They are on-site to manage the VR event experience from start to finish, including setup, experience delivery, and takedown. Think of them as one-half VR technician and one-half brand ambassador. Not only can they execute your VR activation, they can blend in by wearing the same attire as your staff and be able to speak intelligently about your products and services.


rental packages


Our rental packages include everything you need in order to deliver an unbeatable VR experience to your guests. We cover both the necessary VR technology as well as all of the on-site staffing to ensure every aspects of your event runs smoothly. Our rental packages have been developed through our extensive work in the corporate event field, and they are informed by our most common client requests as well as our own vr activation experience. However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We can still help you through a more customized VR package. Whether you see a rental option that’s perfect for you, or you want to discuss different options, we’re happy to help you start working toward an amazing guest experience.

Starter Package

  • Unlimited use up to four hours

  • One room scale virtual reality rig (VR headset + upgraded accessories)

  • Unlimited virtual reality experiences (games, challenges, puzzles, videos, etc) for your guests to enjoy

  • Up to three hours of pre-event strategy and VR activation planning services (used for client calls, strategy calls, logistics planning, etc)

  • One professional & friendly on-site technician / brand ambassadors

  • On-time equipment delivery, setup, and breakdown

  • On-site 24/7 technology support

Rockin' Fun Package

  • Unlimited use up to four hours

  • Two room scale virtual reality rigs (VR headset + upgraded accessories)

  • Unlimited virtual reality experiences (games, challenges, puzzles, videos, etc) for your guests to enjoy

  • Up to four hours of pre-event strategy and VR activation planning services (used for client calls, strategy calls, logistics planning, etc)

  • Two professional & friendly on-site technicians / brand ambassadors

  • On-time equipment delivery, setup, and breakdown

  • On-site 24/7 technology support

All Star Package

  • Unlimited use up to four hours

  • Four room scale virtual reality rigs (VR headset + upgraded accessories)

  • Unlimited virtual reality experiences (games, challenges, puzzles, videos, etc) for your guests to enjoy

  • Up to five hours of pre-event strategy and VR activation planning services (used for client calls, strategy calls, logistics planning, etc)

  • Four professional & friendly on-site technicians / brand ambassadors

  • On-time equipment delivery, setup, and breakdown

  • On-site 24/7 technology support


What's Included with your package?

360 VR

  • Premium Pelican Cases (With Wheels) For Easy Equipment Transport
  • New Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones (Wifi Only)

  • Latest Gear VR Headsets With Upgraded, Sanitary Face Pads.

  • High Quality Headphones

  • Samsung Power Chargers & USB Cables

  • Up To Three Hours Of Pre-Event Strategy With VR Event Experts

  • Documentation (PDF) On How To Use Your Rented Device

  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support

Room Scale VR:

  • Up to Three Hours of Pre-Event Strategy with VR Experts
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support

  • Premium Pelican Cases (With Wheels) For Easy Equipment Transport

  • New HTC Vive Headsets & Required Accessories

  • Alienware Gaming Computer Preloaded With Selected VR Experiences

  • High Quality Headphones

  • One Power Strip, Plus Necessary Extension Cords

As an event planner, I found the entire experience very easy to execute, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, made it all so seamless and smooth. The technology and apps you had preloaded were the perfect mix of inspirational and practical, driving home the point of our event. I really hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.
 Melissa Carpenter Project Manager - Client Events CapitalOne Dallas, TX

Melissa Carpenter
Project Manager - Client Events
Dallas, TX




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