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In addition to offering the latest VR systems and technology, our services go a step further. We take a consultative approach and do the legwork necessary to ensure you are happy and that your attendees have a blast. We will do whatever it takes including hopping on planning calls, brainstorming unique activation ideas, and sending over multiple options for you to choose from. 

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The rental packages above are just a sample of what we have to offer.
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Virtual Reality Is A Great Addition To Every EvEnt


VR For Your Event

Tired of throwing the same old event? Spice it up by bringing virtual reality (VR) to the party, trade show, or conference. Our hardware is top of the line and our virtual experiences (games, puzzles, videos, etc) are sure to get your guests talking both during and after the event. If you want to make a lasting impressing and position your business (or your client's business) as a fun, innovative company, renting virtual reality (VR) for your next event is the way to go.

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Description of Richie's Plank




Minimum 6x6 space
Available Power outlets
Includes 1 Wooden Plank
VR Setup



How We Work


Every event begins with our pre-event strategy process. During this phase, we focus on educating you, the customer, on what’s possible and empowering you to make the best decisions for your event. For example, we work with you to plan every detail of the experience, including which VR technology to leverage, how to maximize guest throughput, which VR experiences to feature, and how we plan on accomplishing the goals your company has set for the event. 


In addition to strategic planning, VirtualRealityRental.co provides every piece of equipment needed to execute your VR experience at your next event. We deliver, set up, and breakdown the equipment with little to no oversight required, allowing you to focus on other important obligations. Our equipment is the best in the industry, which leads to the best possible experience for your guests. 


The final piece of the puzzle revolves around our professional and knowledgeable staff. First, our experts really know and care about VR. Second, they love interacting with event attendees. Our experts use their knowledge and excitement for the technology to ensure your guests have a great time. They are on-site to manage the VR event experience from start to finish, including setup, experience delivery, and takedown. 


FEATURED Customers

Industry-leading companies are using VR to promote their products and enhance their event experience. Will you?


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