Written By:
William Griggs
CEO and Founder


How Can Your Event Leverage VR?


In order to showcase how VirtualRealityRental.co can help create awesome guest experiences, we have developed a webinar that explains everything you need to know to start planning a VR event. Some of the topics this webinar covers include: who we are, what types of events we usually work with, our favorite virtual reality experience themes, and in-depth explanation of the event goals we can help you achieve. While every event is different, and we're always looking for new ways to wow event guests, this webinar serves a great way to get acquainted with what we do and hopefully spark some ideas on how you can create a VR experience that's unique to you, your company, and your guests.

In this webinar you can expect to learn: 1. How we work and what you can expect from us during the planning, renting, and execution phase of your event, 2. Popular event types we've worked with and specific VR experiences to match, 3. A breakdown of the event goals that virtual reality can help you achieve along with examples gathered from previous events, and 4. Tips we've learned from working with top clients including Twitter, Cadillac, Capital One, Dropbox, and more.



Who Should Download This Webinar?


This webinar is a great resource for anyone who has an upcoming event and wants to know how virtual reality can be used to enhance their guest's experience. Whether this is your first time considering virtual reality, or you're already a VR pro, our VR library is huge (and expanding) and this webinar helps define how different types of experiences lend themselves to different event goals so that you know exactly how to choose an experience that matches your needs. Plus, if you're planning a party, exhibit booth, or a team building event, this webinar is perfect for you as we look at those types of events specifically. 

Essentially, if you're interested in virtual reality, and you want to know if it could work for your event, this webinar is for you!