Hit The Links In Our VR Golf Simulator

Get your guests up out of their chairs and onto the green with The Golf Club VR. Whether they’re golfing greats or have never picked up a putter, players will be pleasantly surprised at the over 130,000, two kilometer² procedurally and user-generated courses! The Golf Club virtual reality game is a great way to get away from it all without the hassle of a chaotic commute... As your guests look around through the state of the art Oculus VR headset, they’ll see realtime stats on distance, strokes, and gameplay, as well as heavenly views of an endless horizon. From the sweet sensation of a gentle breeze while cruising across the course, to the satisfying sound of landing that perfect swing… The Golf Club virtual reality setup is expertly engineered to evoke all of the enjoyment of a real-life game.

However, your guests should expect things to get a little ‘rough’ from time-to-time. (A few sand-saves should be anticipated.) With convincing weather, varied terrain, and true-to-life trajectories on every hit, The Golf Club VR is as realistic as it is relaxing. The HTC Vive provides the perfect hand-hold, without putting bystanders in harm’s way when the player puts his or her all into a swing. To kick things up a notch, we recommend encouraging guests to engage in match play, with the winner walking away in some screen-printed swag featuring the name and contact info of your company. Ideally, when asked where they got their new T-Shirt or mug, players will send even more guests to The Golf Club virtual reality “course”.


VR Golf Simulator At Your Event


Event Benefits:

  • Guests Get To Work On Their Swing At your Event

  • Great For Drawing Repeat Visits And Friendly Competition

  • Your Space Creates Buzz During And After Event

Service Includes:

  • Full VR Setup (Headset, Controllers, Sensors, Computer)

  • Comfortable Controller, Complete with Safety Strap (HTC Vive).

  • Expert Event Manager to Execute Event

Logistical Requirements:

  • Space: Minimum Of 6 By 6 Feet

  • Power: One standard electrical outlet — 110V, 10 amps, 3-prong power outlet.

  • Wifi Requirements: None



Conferences usually cover a head spinning amount of information in a very short time. The Golf Club VR creates the feeling of intimacy and shared experience that is so critical to your “Like, Know, & Trust” factor, fast. The refreshing setting and pure fun of playing golf in VR will ensure guests love your event.

Trade Show

Trade shows present an overwhelming amount of information to attendees. It can be difficult to really be heard when visitors feel stuck swimming amidst a sea of companies with similar missions to your own. The Golf Club virtual reality game is an easy way to refresh your guests before giving them your pitch.


We are always up to the challenge of incorporating VR into unique events effectively. The Golf Club VR game is a great way to instantly make your celebration or event more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. If you aren’t sure how The Golf Club virtual reality game fits into your event, no worries.


“I’m blown away”


“Simply the best game I’ve ever played”


“Absolutely incredible”


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As an event planner, I found the entire experience very easy to execute, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, VirtualRealityRental.co made it all so seamless and smooth. The technology and apps you had preloaded were the perfect mix of inspirational and practical, driving home the point of our event. I really hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.

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