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As the virtual reality industry continues to grow, the amount of applications for VR has never been higher. With the ability to create any experience you can imagine, more and more brands are finding the best way to incorporate VR into their plans. In every field, from medicine to real estate, the limits of virtual reality are being tested as companies find new ways to engage with their audience. Of course, as a virtual reality event rental company, we’re always looking for new applications of VR in order to incorporate them into your events.

Below, we cover some of our favorite VR applications and give you a glimpse of the exciting directions that the technology is heading. However, our favorite applications are the ones that we plan for your event, so if you’re interested in finding out what we can help you achieve through a VR rental don’t hesitate to reach out!

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  1. Real Estate

The benefits of using virtual reality for real estate are obvious. If you’re presenting to a crowd of people half a country away from the properties you represent, you can now bring it directly to the people! There is no better way to show off a new home or apartment than actually have someone stand inside and see it for themselves, and virtual reality allows anyone working in real estate to do that no matter where they are.

Using special 3D cameras, real estate companies are able to create an interactive, virtual map of their property. Then, once their guest puts on a VR headset, they are able to not only look around, but actually move through through the space as if they were really there. While we love taking people to outer space or the deep ocean through VR, it’s equally exciting to see someone walk through their new home from a different state or even country.

2. Company Branding

Some events are all about showing off your brand, and whether that means company logos, new products, or content from your active marketing campaign, virtual reality can help take it to the next level. While not every VR experience is brandable inside the actual virtual environment, there are some great applications that allow your audience to engage with your brand in ways never before possible.

If you’ve ever been to a conference or a trade show, you know that branded designs are an important part of any booth space. However, when you use virtual reality for your event, your own branding can work double time. Not only can we use your branding on the equipment that you rent, but we can take your designs and develop unique ways for your guests to interact with them in the actual VR experience.

Here’s an example of the VR branding application that we developed for an event:

3. Therapy / Meditation

Virtual reality isn’t just about playing games or creating mind-blowing experiences (even though we like both.) An often overlooked application of virtual reality is its use in therapeutic experiences. For example, there are VR options to help people with their fear of heights, claustrophobia, public speaking, and more. Being able to go through therapeutic options in a low risk setting helps people with a range of issues and more of these options are being created all the time.

Of course, if you just want a relaxing experience, you can always opt for VR meditation. With VR, you can easily travel to the beach, the mountains, botanical gardens, and nearly anywhere else while also listening to soothing music or even a guided meditation speaker. If you’re looking to create a quick break for guests during a busy event or just let your attendees relax for a minute, then this can be a great choice.

4. Entertainment

New VR applications are being developed for entertainment options constantly. If you’re a subscriber to any streaming services, chances are you already have the ability to watch your movies and tv shows in virtual reality. There are even apps that allow you to sit in virtual theaters with other people so that everyone can watch the movie together.

Plus, the VR experience isn’t limited to viewing content in new ways; in fact, some are already putting VR to use in creating companion content to go along with existing movies. Take Ready Player One for example: Their team created an entire VR suite of experiences to coincide with the movies release. As VR technology becomes more and more popular, you can expect to see even more examples like that.

Here’s an example of us helping to build excitement during the Ready Player One release:


5. Education

It’s no surprise that virtual reality technology has quickly found a home in the classroom. There already a huge number of different VR lessons that can transform what it’s like to learn about everything from ancient history to human anatomy. The possibilities of VR to put a new spin on the education experience are exciting to think about, and we’ve been able to participate in a few programs ourselves.

However, the usefulness of VR in education extends outside of the classroom as well. Virtual reality is a great tool for showing off college campuses to prospective students, an awesome activity to welcome students back to school, and a fun way to innovate school events.


6. Trainings

Don’t be surprised as you see the number of VR training programs in the near future. In everything from retail to medicine, people are finding ways to to convert pieces of the training process into the virtual world. For example, factory workers might undergo VR graining as a first step in safety protocol, medical students will use VR to examine the human body, and more. Taking virtual reality away from game-based play and incorporating real-world elements that fit into training programs is one use of VR that we’re really excited to see take off.

Plus, as more trainings become available, it opens the possibility of accessing some really fun simulations that you might not ever have had access to otherwise. Who wouldn’t want to go through astronaut training, deep sea diving training, or maybe even take a sneak peak into how things are done in the world’s top brand headquarters.

Here’s an example of how 3M used VR to develop their own training program:


7. Music

Virtual reality is also being used to change the music scene in some really fun and unique ways. For example, if you miss your favorite bands concert or can’t swing tickets for a tour date, VR can give you a seat that not even those in the first row can experience. As VR cameras improve in quality and become even more mobile, the ability to produce awesome concert content has only grown, and bands are taking full advantage. Of course, you next favorite artist may only exist in VR! That’s due to the growing trend of real DJ’s putting on a headset and using virtual controls to deliver a set to a crowd of onlookers all wearing VR headsets themselves. Pretty crazy right?

Of course, there are also plenty of VR experiences that are music based without being centered around specific acts. You can make your own VR music using a array of digital instruments or you can play through experiences where you move to rhythm based gameplay. What application of music based VR do you think would work best for you?


8. Travel

VR is an interactive window into anywhere you’d like to go. Almost any place you can imagine is accessible when you put on a virtual reality headset. Better yet, you can experience locations in more than one way. Using Google Earth VR, for example, you can travel throughout the world and see a VR image for what that area looks like. That may include actual renderings of buildings and always includes a realistic view of the terrain. Even better, they’ve included an interactive street view that lets you walk through the streets as if you were really there.

If you want a deeper dive into a particular spot, many cities, parks, and landmarks offer in-depth VR guides to allow you to visit from anywhere that you have access to a VR headset. We’ve used experiences such as this many times ourselves to turn event spaces into completely new environments.


Finding the perfect vr application for you

More VR applications are being created all of the time and we’re excited to see what amazing examples are soon to come. With a specific focus on events, we are here to help you take any of these VR applications and incorporate them into your event plans. Having experience in each category, we’re ready and willing to share our lessons learned and help create the best possible experience for you and your guests.

Our team of VR experts is ready to be put to the test, so don’t hesitate to reach out and we can suggest our most popular VR event applications, find the perfect match to your event idea or theme, or even start from the beginning and completely customize an experience to meet all of your event goals.


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