Virtual Reality Equipment Rental

Virtual Reality Equipment Rental

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Guide To Renting Virtual Reality


As the most cutting-edge event technology available, virtual reality is quickly gaining a reputation for creating fun, engaging, and completely unique guest experiences. If you want to position yourself as a tech-forward brand while giving your guests an experience they will never forget, virtual reality is your best option. However, because the technology itself is so new, it can be difficult to decide what type of virtual reality set up is right for you and your event. Don’t worry, we can help!

As VR experts, we understand that you have many virtual reality options, and that part of our job is helping you know as much as possible about your choices. Whether you want to rent a virtual reality experience that fills the entire room or want to let multiple guests experience VR around a single table, we can help you make it happen. Additionally, if your looking to shoot your own 360˚ video, or want help creating a completely new experience focused on your brand, we can point you in the right direction.

This guide will give you a quick rundown of all of the great options to consider as you plan your next event. Of course, if you would like to speak to one of our experts, we’re always happy to hop on the phone and answer your questions (link.) We’ve separated this guide by category, so if you already know what you’re looking for, you can use the index below to skip to the correct section.


VIRTUAl reality equipment options



room scale Virtual reality


Room Scale Virtual Reality is the most immersive VR option on the market. In room scale VR, your guests are able to move around in virtual space while their head and hand motions are tracked in order to create the feeling that they are actually there. Anything you can imagine can be made possible through this type of VR activation. Image standing on Mt. Everest and using your hands to climb a virtual reality ladder while looking down at giant, icy cavern, or testing your zombie defense skills in a post-apocalyptic VR world. We can safely say that room scale virtual reality can be used to create a completely unforgettable guest experience at your next event. 

Below, we’ve included a few different room scale options for you to consider as you think through your VR rental.

1. HTC Vive



When considering virtual reality equipment rentals, the HTC Vive is a great place to start. Known for being incredibly immersive, this headset has the capability to deliver mind-blowing VR experiences. This is made possible through it’s wide field of view along with a very high image resolution, which combine to place you seamlessly inside your new virtual world. However, the Vive isn’t only technologically advanced, it’s also very comfortable with a lightweight design and adjustable head straps. To read more about this headset, check out our in-depth HTC Vive equipment page

In order to create the perfect HTC Vive experience, you'll want to make sure you have (at minimum) these basic equipment needs: one HTC Vive headset, two motion-tracked Vive controllers, Two Vive sensors, and a computer/laptop capable of running VR experiences. Additionally, we suggest including an external monitor so that your guests can see the VR experience even if they aren't wearing the headset. The total area of your event space is also important when considering your VR equipment needs. In order to get the full room scale VR experience, you should have an available area of about 8ft x 8ft. If that's not possible, we do have access to some experiences playable in a 6ft x 6ft space.

2. Oculus Rift

RIFT - looks like 2.jpeg
RIFT - looks like 5.jpg
RIFT - looks like 1.jpeg


One of the most popular virtual reality headsets available, the Oculus Rift is able to deliver an awesome VR experience. Backed by Facebook, the Rift has already proven to be an extremely capable VR headset, and is poised to get even better. Using “positional trackers,” the Rift follows your movement in VR space and ensures the smoothest experience possible. Also, with some of the best controllers of any VR system, it offers you an unparalleled ability to interact with virtual objects. If you’re interested in the Oculus Rift, check out our complete overview of the system

When renting the Oculus Rift, here is what you should look for: An Oculus Rift headset, two Oculus “Touch” controllers, at least one “positional tracker,” and a laptop or computer capable of running virtual reality experiences. You will also need one external monitor so that guests not wearing the VR headset are able to see the experience. This is a great way to drive traffic while making sure everyone can be involved. In order to get the full room scale VR experience, you should have an available area of about 8ft x 8ft. If that's not possible, we do have access to some experiences playable in a 6ft x 6ft space.


PSVR headset.jpeg
Playstation Vr - looks - 4.png
Playstation vr - looks - 1.png


PSVR, Sony’s flagship VR headset, has everything you need when looking for a unique, engaging guest experience. Widely regarded as the most comfortable of the VR headsets, the PSVR was designed with the user in mind. Plus, the image quality, as well as the field of view, are more than capable of immersing you in virtual reality. Using the Playstation’s “Move” controllers, your guest will have a great time as they explore a huge number of possible VR experiences. If you’re interested in learning more about the PSVR, check out our full system breakdown.

As you consider renting the PSVR, make sure that you’re getting everything necessary for a full VR experience. That would include: a PSVR headset, two Playstation “Move” controllers, a Playstation photosensor camera, and a computer or laptop capable of running virtual reality experiences. We also suggest including an external monitor that displays the virtual reality experience so that everyone can see what’s happening inside your VR headset. Also, you’ll want to consider your available event space when renting any VR headset, we suggest having an 8ft x 8ft space available, but we can adjust the experience to accommodate smaller spaces when necessary.


360˚ Virtual Reality


360˚ Virtual Reality headsets offer a completely different experience from room scale options. These headsets are more compact and allow you to offer VR to multiple guests at once. Plus, since 360˚ headsets are capable of providing a huge range of VR videos, they offer your guests the ability to easily choose their own favorite VR option, letting them take control of their virtual reality of your event. Wether you want your guests to travel to exotic destinations, experience extreme sports up close, relax while experiencing VR meditation, or anything else, 360˚ VR can make it happen. 

Below, we’ve included a few different room scale options for you to consider as you think through your VR rental options.

1. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung 4.jpeg
Samsung 1.jpeg
Samsung 3.jpeg


The Samsung Gear VR is one of the top options when considering 360˚ headsets. It’s compatibility with Samsung phones means that the video options for the headset are endless. Whatever you need, the Samsung Gear VR can make it happen. Plus, the Gear VR was built with comfort in mind. No matter how many videos your guests want to watch, they’ll never have to worry about the headset becoming uncomfortable due to a lightweight design and adjustable head strap. When you add in the high image quality, the result is an awesome vr experience. 

As you rent the Samsung Gear VR, make sure to look for these key elements: a Samsung Gear VR headset, high-quality headphones, and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone pre-loaded with VR experiences. Also, if you think this might be the right option for you, check out our Gear VR rental options.

2. Oculus Go

Oculus Go 1.jpeg
Oculus Go 2.jpeg
Oculus Go 3.jpeg

The Oculus Go takes everything that's great about the Oculus Rift and fits it into a mobile, user-friendly headset that your guests will love. While you can always borrow from the existing library of existing Oculus games, this headset also offers the expanded ability to quickly access VR video that will keep your guest entertained no matter if your event is for three hours or three days. Made out of a special fabric, the Oculus Go headset was designed to be strong enough to handle as many adjustments as necessary while also maintaining elasticity and comfort. On top of that, this headset is fitted with top-quality lenses that enable a crystal clear view of any VR content. Take a look at our full Oculus Go page for more information!

In order to get the complete experience, your Oculus Go rental should include: an Oculus Go headset, headphones, and Oculus Go "nunchuk" controllers. you may also want to pre-load the headset with experiences so that you have more control in directing your guest's VR experience.

3. Google Daydream

Google Daydream 7.jpeg
Google Daydream 5.jpeg
Google Daydream 2.jpeg

Google's "Daydream" 360˚ headset is a great choice if you're considering renting VR for your next event. With the ability to work with multiple different phone types including those made by Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola and more, this headset gives you some great options for VR content. Whether you want your guests to see what it's like in the deep ocean, have them hike the tallest mountains, or even take a trip through outer space, the Google Daydream Headset can take them there! New content is being created everyday, so feel free to reach out and we'll help you find your perfect 360 VR experience.

If you think that the Google Daydream might be the right for you, make sure that your rental includes: a Google Daydream headset, Daydream controller, compatible smartphone pre-loaded with VR experiences, and headphones. Also, we suggest renting more than one headset so that the maximum number of your guests get to experience virtual reality. This can help draw a crowd and start a conversation which can help you reach your event goals. 


Augmented Reality Headsets


Augmented Reality is exciting because it allows you to interact with virtual objects while also keeping sight of the real world. These headsets are able to place digital, 3D images into your space in a way that completely amazes. Imagine holding a tiny elephant in your palm, watching a dinosaur run through your event space, or even using your own light saber to show off your Jedi training while also getting to see the reactions of everyone coming over to watch. If you want your guest to engage with you or your brand, augmented reality provides a way to keep them talking about your event long after it has ended.

The list below includes a couple of our top rated augmented reality headsets. While each bring their own specific strengths to the table, each can be used to deliver a really cool guest experience. 

1. Microsoft Hololens

hololens - looks like - 1.png
hololens - looks like - 3.jpg
hololens - looks like - 4.jpg

The Microsoft Hololens is probably the biggest name in augmented reality at the moment. As one of the first headsets available, it has already been making good on the promise of augmented reality and has produced some eye-opening results. with a high frame rate, the developers of this headset showed an impressive focus on making the augmented reality experience as smooth as possible. With this headset, you'll never have to worry about losing the feeling of complete immersion. Once you try the Hololens, you'll understand why it's an experience you never forget. Check out our dedicated system page to learn more about the Microsoft Hololens. 

One of the benefits of augmented reality is that you get a full 3d experience without the clutter that comes with extra equipment. With all of the necessary technology located inside of the headset itself, you want to make sure you rent from a trusted VR provider who can double and triple check your equipment and make sure everything is ready to go. 

2. Meta 2

meta 2 1.jpeg
Meta 2 2.jpeg
Meta 2 3.jpeg

Like the Microsoft Hololens, the Meta 2 delivers an augmented reality experience that you have to see to believe. However, the Meta 2 offers an expanded 90 degree field of view that allows you to take advantage of as much of your event space as possible. The headset also contains two top-of-the-line lenses that enable the headset's image resolution to to reach an impressive 2.5k resolution. Some of the notable experiences developed for the Meta 2 include viewing a holographic version of Earth, seeing the inner workings of the human brain, and finding the right combinations to solve augmented reality puzzles. 

If you're interested in learning more about the Meta 2 headset, we've created a Meta 2 page that covers everything you need to know about renting this augmented reality headset. As more and more augmented reality experiences become available, we're excited to see how we can fit the emerging technology to your specific event needs. 

3. Lenovo VR

Lenovo 1.jpeg
Lenovo 2.jpeg
Lenovo 3.jpeg

The Lenovo VR headset is different from the other augmented reality headsets on this list in that it was designed for one specific experience: Star Wars VR. Used with a special sensor and dedicated light saber, this headset brings the ultimate Star Wars experience to your guests. We can't promise your guests will use their powers for good, but we know that regardless of their choice, all of your event attendees will enjoy this VR experience.

If you're looking to rent the Lenovo VR headset, you should make sure that your rental comes included with the Lenovo VR sensor as well as the special light saber controller unique to this experience. To learn more about this headset, check out the dedicated Lenovo VR page.


360˚ Cameras


If you're planning on creating unique, branded virtual reality video, then you might consider renting a 360˚ capable camera. With these cameras, you can capture a scene from every angle, and develop content that puts the viewer right in the middle of the action. This a great way to share your vision with your employees as well as those who might not already know about what you do. Having the ability to transport viewers to your office, your field location, your production facility, or simply your favorite location is an extremely powerful tool, and any of the options listed below can help.

Below are some of the top options that are currently available for 360˚ video capture.

1. 360 Fly 4K

360 Fly 1.jpeg
360 Fly 3.jpeg
360 fly 2.jpeg

The 360 Fly 4k, with its spherical design and mounting capability, is one of the more popular 360˚ cameras on the market today. Due to being one of the affordable options available, this camera has seen wide use in creating 360˚ content. With a top resolution of 2,880px x 2,880 px, the 360 Fly 4K has the ability to capture quality video no matter where you shoot. It also has a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to monitor and edit the video you capture, which definitely comes in handy. It's filed of view is 360˚ by 240˚ which means you do lose some of the "bottom" of the video you take. However, if that's a problem, you can easily fix by renting two cameras and using a mount that places them back to back.

For more information on renting a 360 Fly 4K, you can check out this page that covers rental cost as well as current availability. We look forward to seeing your new 360˚ video!

2. Orah 4i

Orah 4i 4.jpeg
Orah 4i 2.jpeg
Orah 4i 3.jpeg

When it comes to capturing high-quality 360˚ video, it's hard to beat the Orah 4i. Housed inside of this model are 4 lenses with 4 separate sensors that combine to allow complete 360˚ capture with ease. Also, because it uses the best available cameras, the Orah 4i is able to video in full 4k resolution. Once you have captured your video, storing the video is easy. You not only have the ability to save video to an SD card, but you also have the ability to preview your content on multiple VR systems as the camera also includes VR compatible software. 

The Orah 4i is one of your best options when considering the 360˚ camera that's right for you. If you want to see more of what you can accomplish with this awesome equipment, check out this full camera description.

3. Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K

Kodak Pixpro 1.jpeg
Kodak pixpro 3.jpeg
kodak pixpro 2.jpeg

The Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K is another great option if you are looking to capture immersive video to impress your guests. Using a handheld grip designed to hold two of these cameras back-to-back, you are able to take full 360˚ video easily. Once you have shot your perfect video, a user friendly desktop editing software ( compatible with Mac or PC) is available to add all of the finishing touches. Additionally, if you want more remote control, you can use the dedicated Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K app that lets you manage your videos on-the-go.

By choosing the Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K you're sure to create amazing 360˚ video. we can't wait to see what you create!


Virtual Reality Studios


Virtual reality studios exist to help you create completely unique VR experiences that are specific to your brand. A studio can help you capture 360˚ video, develop a VR app, or even build a new room-scale experience just for you. You may consider using a studio if you are planning a big product launch, presenting at a high-traffic, media-heavy event, or are looking for an experience you plan to re-use many times. While working with a VR studio may be costly, it can also provide an awesome opportunity to engage with your audience .

The options listed below each show a different side of what a VR studio can help you accomplish. 

1. Vision

Vision Logo.png

Vision, a Houston based studio, specializes in creating custom content that helps brands connect more deeply with their audience. They focus on taking a "big picture" view of what you are trying to accomplish while developing an experience that is guaranteed to make you stand out. Vision recently worked with Lexus on a 3D mapping project where they projected an augmented reality video onto a building in Hollywood during the national Earth Night Celebration. They also worked with the city of Houston to deliver a video showcasing area highlights for Superbowl 51. As a recognized leader in innovative campaign production, Vision is a great place to start as you begin searching for the Studio that fits your needs.

2. Groove Jones

Based in Dallas, Texas, Groove Jones creates both virtual reality and augmented reality to highlight brands. While virtual reality allows you to see a completely new world take the place of your own, augmented reality adds a new layer to your surroundings while keeping the real world in sight. With the flexibility to offer both types of custom content, studios like Groove Jones assure that you have complete control over how your guests interact with you. Partnering with all major brands of virtual reality headset providers, Groove Jones also offers the ability to customize your experience even further based on each headsets individual strengths. Some of their recent projects include creating football team experience for Under Armour, filming a 360˚ video for Travel Nevada, and building a wayfinding app for American Airlines that helps riders find the fastest path through their airport.

3. Subvrsive


SubVRsive is an "XR studio" which means that they produce virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360˚ video content. While they offer all three types of production, their most extensive work seems to come through creating 360˚ video. This type of experience is great because it's more easily accessible to a wider audience than both VR and AR. All types of vr headset are capable of playing 360˚ video. Some of SubVRsive's recent work includes: shooting the first completely 360˚ boxing match for Showtime Boxing, Capturing artist performances at Austin City Limits, Shooting a "La La Land" video for Lionsgate, and developing a virtual field trip for the Galveston Museum in Galveston, TX. SubVRsive has proven that it's fully capable of capturing exciting moments and transforming them into 360˚ experiences that you will be proud to show off.

4. Cubicle Ninjas

cubicle ninjas.png

Cubicle Ninjas is more of a one-stop-shop than the other other options listed above. Offering a wide range of services from augmented reality apps to E-learning and inbound marketing, this option may work for you if you are looking to combine 360˚ experiences along with help developing other areas of your business as well. Some of their recent work includes creating a guided meditation VR experience, developing an AR app that allows you to put a filter on the world around you, and building a virtual reality car buying experience that brings the showroom to you. With the ability to approach your company, and your idea, from multiple angles, Cubicle Ninjas is a great choice for anyone looking to create an experience that matches exactly what they are looking for and sets them up to succeed long-term.


Finding whats right for you!


Your options for virtual reality equipment rental are nearly endless. While we believe this list can help you get started, we know that you still might need some help thinking through your choices. Good News! We can help you with that! No matter if you're looking for virtual reality (360˚ or room-scale), augmented reality, 360˚ cameras, or even a VR studio, we can point you in the right direction. We understand that every event is different, and we want to make sure that your VR guest experience is suited perfectly to your needs.

If you think you're ready to start your journey into VR, then we can help you make it happen


Customer Showcase: Global Atlantic Financial

Customer Showcase: Global Atlantic Financial

"Our tradeshow exhibit was outstanding. Customers, prospects and even competitors stopped in our booth to experience Virtual Reality and walk the plank or swim with a whale. The Virtual Reality experience created such excitement that people around the show were talking about our booth. Our objective going into the show was to create a buzz and we certainly accomplished that. Mitchell’s professionalism and engagement with our customers and prospects was excellent. Several of our staff raved about the experience, and Mitchell in particular, after the show. We’re considering doing another VR experience at our next big conference."

Jennifer Gossett
Marketing Director
Global Atlantic


At The Event:

Event Manager

Mitchell 2.jpg


"The guests loved the fear of heights VR simulation. People were having crazy reactions to it, and it drove a lot of traffic to the booth. By the third day, we were having guests visit due to word of mouth excitement alone"


Global Atlantic Financial Brings VR To Boston


Written By:

Shane Terrell
Sales Director

It was great working with Global Atlantic Financial to bring virtual reality to their Boston conference. Below, I've included a description of their event to serve as inspiration for your own upcoming conference, trade show, meeting, or party. If you're ready to start thinking through how we can work together just click the button below and we'll be in touch ASAP!


For the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Conference, Global Atlantic Financial wanted to create an experience that would not only drive guests to their booth, but one that would create a conference-wide buzz. In order to make that happen, we helped them develop a virtual reality event plan that included both a 360˚ video and Room-Scale VR setup. We love using both of our rental options at events as it allows for two very different guest experiences that fit together perfectly. Global Atlantic Financial (GAF) decided to place the 360˚ headsets on a table near the room-scale setup so that multiple people could participate in VR at the same time.

While the 360˚ headsets included a range of videos including skydiving, tightrope walking, surfing, and more, the Room Scale setup mostly centered on one of our favorite VR options: Richie’s Plank Experience. In this experience, guests are placed at the ground floor of a 40-story building and asked to step back into an elevator. After pressing a button to take them to the top floor, the doors open to a cityscape view with a plank positioned directly in front of them. To add to the experience, we use a real wooden plank, positioned to match exactly with the one in VR, so that your guests actually feel the plank they are seeing in their virtual world. The guest reactions from this experience drew a large audience, attracted multiple repeat visitors, and even had attendees talking about the booth at post-conference activities.

Apart from showing their guests a great time, GAF wisely used the VR experience to achieve their specific event goals. For example, as the VR experience continued to draw guests to their booth, the team was able to have conversations with attendees which increased the total number of leads resulting from the event. Additionally, the GAF team raffled off a virtual reality system to conference guests, creating an incentive for everyone in attendance to come by and get their name badge scanned.

Overall, our partnership with Global Atlantic Financial resulted in a memorable, fun guest experience that achieved exactly the results we were all hoping to see. We look forward to working with their team again, and if you have any questions about how we can create your perfect virtual reality guest experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always ready to help.

Virtual Reality At Trade Shows

Virtual Reality At Trade Shows

Mitchell Face.jpg

Written By:
Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager


Take your booth to the next level!


At, we’ve brought virtual reality event activations to countless trade shows, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. For example, we understand that the most valuable resource at a trade show is attention, and that with so many booths, displays, and activities being presented all at once, it can be hard to set yourself apart. That’s why we’re here.

Our customers have discovered that virtual reality technology stands out from every other event activation in that it’s not only extremely engaging, but also totally flexible. Whatever experience you want your guests to have, we can make it happen. We can create exhilarating experiences that draw a crowd through awesome guest reactions, we can drive a competition among your guests that keeps them coming back to your booth, or we can develop tranquil activations that allow your guests to sit back and relax. It’s completely up to you.

Using customer feedback, we’ve developed a short list of the most common benefits gained from incorporating our VR into trade show booths. Each benefit included here can help you achieve a specific event goal, and we are always interested in learning how we can fit the VR experience to accomplish exactly what you need. So, whether you see a perfect fit listed here, or you’re looking for something completely different, we’re here to help!


VR Tradeshow benefits


1. Increased Foot Traffic


As trade show attendees walk the event floor, they have a huge number of booths vying for their attention. This can often result in a stream of people walking by your booth just close enough to see what’s going on while staying far enough away not to actually interact. We’re here to stop that. Virtual Reality can help drive event traffic toward your booth and away from the “middle carpet” by creating a fun, engaging experience.

Having your guests experience virtual reality is truly one of the best ways to shift event traffic to your space. For example, as your guests are walking the virtual plank on top of a 40 story building, they tend to have some great reactions, and time and time again, we see a crowd of attendees huddle around to see what’s going on.

Of course, the benefit of our virtual reality rental isn’t limited to the number of people you attract. We want people to recognize who you are and start interacting with your team, which brings us to the second benefit:


2. Increased Brand Awareness


By creating an awesome guest experience, and drawing as many people as possible to your booth, you’re creating an opportunity for increased brand awareness that your competitors can’t match. Whether it’s through social sharing or your guest’s individual takeaway, we can create an environment where people are excited to get to know more about you and what you do.

In an effort to further drive brand awareness, we also make sure that your event manager is familiar with your company and able to converse with attendees about who you are. We’ve found that this enables us to keep guests at your booth even if you’re temporarily busy speaking to another potential lead. In fact, we often hear back from our event partners that our event managers not only play a role in driving people to your booth, but also in helping you connect with event attendees.


3. Brand Positioning


In combination with driving brand awareness, incorporating virtual reality into your tradeshow also helps to position your brand as tech-forward and innovative. This truly sets VR apart from other activations as it combines the ability to drive brand awareness while also actively helping define how guests think about who you are.

We have continually seen companies who partner with us standing apart from their competition during their trade show. As your guests experience VR, they will associate their experience with your company, and we promise that it’s an experience they won’t forget. While there may be other activities that engage event guests, nothing can compete with virtual reality when it comes to positioning your brand.


4. Lead Generation


Virtual Reality is also a great tool you can use to drive leads at your next trade show. As a powerful conversation starter, our VR technology can facilitate interactions that create valuable opportunities for you and your business. We can help turn event attendees into leads by creating an inviting, engaging space that allows your guests to let their guard down and start talking!

Also, VR is a great addition to any trade show booth where you are using a badge-scanner to capture guest information. We’ve even seen our event partners require attendees to have their badge scanned in order to get access to their VR experience. In that way, you can use virtual reality not only to drive people to your booth, but also to incentivize them to engage with your brand.


5. Shared Experience (Get people talking)


As you have seen in the benefits we’ve mentioned so far, virtual reality is great for creating an unforgettable experience at your booth. However, VR also has the ability to get people talking about your company even if they aren’t directly interacting with you.

For example, your virtual reality activation will create word-of-mouth excitement that keeps people coming to your booth in a way that no other activation can. You can expect guests to visit your booth due to hearing their friends, coworkers, or fellow attendees describe it as a can’t-miss experience.

In addition, you can expect to hear your colleagues talk about your virtual reality experience during post-event networking events, dinners, and other activities. Because of that, we often see increased attendance as a trade show progresses, unlike most booths that experience a steady decline in participation.


We love bringing virtual reality sports simulators to events because they're great for keeping guests entertained and engaged. Plus, no matter what sport you choose, you can be assured that your guests are going to have a great time. If you have any questions about how to incorporate a VR sports simulator at your next event, we're always waiting and happy to talk about how VR can work for you!

Also, if you want more information before reaching out, check out our CEO talk about how virtual reality activations can fit perfectly into your trade show booth.

Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager


Virtual Reality Sports Simulators

Virtual Reality Sports Simulators

Shane Face.jpeg

Written By:
Shane Terrell
Sales Director


Get In The Game!

If your'e anything like us, you know that your professional sports career was only one bounce, run, kick, or tackle away. With VR, you can prove that your skills are still there even if you don't have an arena to call home. No matter what sport is your favorite, there is a virtual reality experience to put you in the game!

With so many virtual reality sports simulators to choose from, it was difficult to pick our favorites. However, based on our experience bringing virtual reality to hundreds of events, we're confident that any of our choices will be a great experience for your guests. VR sports simulators are great for creating a friendly competition among your guests, drawing a crowd, and keeping people coming back for more, and we're always here to help you decide which one works best for your next event. Below, we've created a list of our favorite VR sports simulators categorized by sport: Check it out and let us know what you think!


Top Virtual Reality Sports Simulators





Basketball is one of our favorite sports to play in virtual reality, which is mostly due to the two experiences we've listed here. Hearing the "swish" after you hit nothing but net translates perfectly into VR and both of these experiences add fun virtual elements that would never be possible on a real-world hardcourt. You can't go wrong with either of VR basketball simulators here as both create an awesome guest experience.

Suggested Pick: NBA 2KVR

The NBA 2KVR experience was built to let you test your skills as a professional basketball player. While the experience has a variety of game modes for you to try, our favorite is hands-down the 3-point shootout. Moving from rack to rack, you get to perfect your shot while the game tracks your score.

Tip: If you're planning on having a giveaway for your guests, think about using an experience like this to turn it into a contest. As your leaderboard takes shape, word will spread among event guests and you'll draw more visitors while seeing attendees repeatedly come back to protect and improve their score!

Runner-Up: Hoops VR

Hoops VR offers a completely different experience from NBA 2KVR. Think of this as more of an arcade game based around basketball. As you stand on your center platform, basketball goals rise up around you and your goal is to make as many shots as possible until the timer runs out.

While VR may be the most tech-forward event activation available, it's often the simplest experiences that end up being the most fun. Hoops VR is a great example of that. Whether your guests are die-hard sports fans or they've never picked up a basketball in their life, they'll have a great time playing this game.



Both of the football experiences we've chosen are all about allowing you to prove your skills as a VR quarterback. Even though they take very different approaches on how to do that, we think they're equally fun. If you've ever seen a wide throw, a bad sack, poor time management, or just thought "I could do that," this is your chance to make it happen. These are both great choices for your next event.

Suggested Pick: Quarterback Snap

We've brought the Quarterback Snap experience to countless events, and we've never seen it fail to draw a crowd. One of the reasons for that is because the more you play this game, the more fun it gets. Your guests will have a great time finding out who has the skills to be an NFL quarterback.

This is another experience that's great for creating competition, so consider using a leaderboard at your event to keep track of your guests' high scores. Once someone sees their name on a leaderboard, you can almost guarantee they'll come back to make sure their spot is secure.

Runner-Up: 2MD Football Arcade

2MD VR Football is another awesome virtual reality sports simulator where you get lead your team to the endzone. In this experience, you get to see what it's like to stand behind your offensive line and throw to your receivers down the field. Be careful though, if you wait too long you might get sacked!

While the football players in this experience might look like toys, be assured that the intensity of leading your team is still there. If you want to give your guests a football experience that they've never had before, this is a great choice.



The soccer experiences we've chosen couldn't be more different. In one, your goal is to score as many goals as possible while hitting targets and dodging obstacles along the way. However, in the other, you're asked to keep the net safe by blocking as many balls as possible. Whether or not your guests have ever taken to the pitch, they'll have great time with these soccer experiences.

Suggested Pick: Headmaster

Headmaster is a fun, weird take on playing soccer. In this experience, your'e asked to head soccer balls toward a goal while also hitting targets for additional points. Some levels force you to bypass obstacles like a goalie while in others the soccer ball itself might change.

While many VR experiences focus on tracking your hand movement, this is all about how you move your head, making it a really unique virtual reality experience. In addition to that, the levels you can choose from in Headmaster range from simple beginner style set-ups to crazy challenges that you won't believe.

Runner-Up: Final Goalie

In Final Goalie, your get to play soccer as a goaltender. Using motion-tracked controllers, you face down opposing strikers and make sure no balls get through. If you've ever wanted to try out life as a goalie without having to have soccer balls fired at you, then this is the experience for you.

While this experience has a few different play options, we like the timed option the best. Using a timed challenge, you can decide how long each of your guests is actually inside the experience, giving you an extra layer of control when thinking through how you would like your guests to interact with our VR at your conference, trade show, meeting, or party.



As you might have guessed, virtual reality baseball is centered on hitting the ball as hard and far as possible. Your guests will be swinging for the fences looking for their next home run while having a great time at your next event. Of course, since this is virtual reality, so we've included a couple experiences that have added some really fun changes to the game.

Suggested Pick: Pitch Hit VR

In Pitch-Hit you have the flexibility to play baseball in a way you never have before. Whether you want to see how far you can smash the ball in a long distance challenge, test your accuracy by hitting balls through virtual reality rings, or set up a field full of everyday objects just to cause some destruction, this experience can make it happen.

Your guests will definitely be surprised once they see the bat in their hand. From that point, the large number of gameplay modes will keep them entertained throughout the event. You'll want a camera ready for this one.

Runner-Up: Big Hit VR Baseball

In Big Hit VR Baseball, the object of the experience is pretty simple: hit big! Guests have the opportunity to knock balls out of the park while perfecting their swing. You can choose to run this experience as a competition or to leave it to free play, which offers attendees the ability to bat against giant baseballs or play through a party mode.

Whether it was hitting off a tee or facing down an opposing pitcher, most people have picked up a bat at some point in their life. This VR experience is a great way to get back into the game while having a really fun time.



Virtual reality boxing simulators are the best because you never have to worry about getting punched back. Sometimes, watching other people experience virtual reality is event more fun than putting the headset on yourself, and both of the options below fit into that category. We promise no one will walk by your booth without looking if one of your guests is boxing a VR pirate.

Suggested Pick: Knockout League

Let your guests take out some virtual aggression with Knockout League! This arcade fighting experience puts your guests in the ring with a crazy cast of opponents (including a fighting octopus) and let's them punch their way to the top. As your guests move, duck, block, and punch, other attendees are sure to come by an join the fun.

This experience is great for events that have plenty of space and a clearly marked play area. If you're wondering whether or not it fits into your next event, just reach out and we'll be happy to share all of our space requirements along with what experiences are best for different types of event layouts.

Runner-Up: VR Boxing Workout

Boxing Workout is a VR simulator that allows you to step in to the training room and go at your own pace. Built to give you all of the options you would find at your local gym, Boxing Workout is a great option for events because your guests don't have to know anything about boxing in order to have a great time.

This experience allows you to practice your body blows, build your hand speed, and learn how to dodge a punch, all of which are taken to the next level as you experience them in virtual reality. 



Whether you want your guests to play through a hole-in-one challenge, practice their putting, or leave them open on the front nine, we can make it happen with these virtual reality golf simulators. Offering a variety of courses along with every club you would ever need, both of the experiences listed below can be used to create an awesome experience for guests at your next event.

Suggested Pick: Everyday Golf

Everyday Golf VR is the best way to practice your swing even if you can't get outside, and at your next conference, trade show, meeting, or party, that's probably the case. Transporting your guests to golf course is a great way to make them feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they approach your booth.

This experience is great at events because it's both easy to use and challenging at the same time. Even if your guests aren't competing against each other, they'll have a great time pushing themselves to clear the lake or sink the putt. 

Runner-Up: The Golf Club VR

Much like Everyday Golf VR, The Golf Club is a great experience if you want to give your guests an awesome virtual reality golf outing. your guests will pick their club, line up their shot, and let it rip as they shoot for the lowest score possible. You can't go wrong with either of these VR golf simulators.

We love to bring golf experiences to events because the both agony of hitting a sand bunker and the excitement of the perfect swing are so entertaining to the guest in VR as well as the audience. If you go with a golf VR simulator at your next event, prepare for repeat visitors.



You can use either of the hockey experiences listed below to allow your guests to hit the ice and practice their shot. Since both of these options tend to have event attendees moving around quite a bit, each are great for drawing others to your set up and creating a really fun environment. Definitely don't overlook these VR hockey experiences.

Suggested Pick: VR Hockey League

VR hockey league lets you show off your skills through a variety of game modes, each developed to be a unique, fun experience. Whether you've been a hockey player since day one, or you've never stepped on the ice, you'll have a great time playing through all that VR Hockey League has to offer.

This experience is very flexible in that the different game modes cater to each individual guest. If you want a beginners experience, simply choose the game mode where you practice your slap shot; but if you want a more intense skills challenge, you can just as easily add a goalie or test your accuracy by trying to hit targets inside the net.

Runner-Up: Goalie Challenge-VR

While scoring goals will always get you the glory, saving them is just as important! In Goalie Challenge-VR, you get to put on the pads and protect your net. If you've ever wanted to test out what it would be like to stand in front of goal, but aren't crazy about having a hockey puck fly toward you, then this is the experience for you.

As the timer ticks down, your guests will have a great time seeing how many goals they can save. We promise you're sure to attract an audience as your guests practice their best moves and compete for the high score.



Racing in virtual reality is an unforgettable experience. Whether we bring our full VR racing set up, or utilize a 360˚ racing video, guests are always amazed by how virtual reality makes them feel like they're behind the wheel. No matter what course or car you choose, your guests will be talking about their racing experience both during and after your next event. 

Suggested Pick: Project CARS VR

We've brought Project Cars to countless events, and it has never failed to draw a crowd. Using our VR racing set up, your guests will be in the center of the action in every way possible. Your guests will sit in an actual racing seat, drive using our mounted steering wheel, and press the pedal to the metal with their own foot. We can promise people will come to your booth, but we can't promise they'll leave.

Tip: Even though Project Cars has lots of racetrack and racecar options to choose from, we suggest choosing your favorite of each and sticking with that choice throughout your event. This assures that all of your guests get a similar experience. Plus, if you're using this experience along with a leaderboard and prizes (suggested) you'll keep everyone on the same playing field.

Runner-Up: Samsung Gear - Lamborghini Driving Experience

Unfortunately, we can't provide the Lamborghini, but extra points if you can! This experience shows what you can achieve using a 360˚ headset. Whether your guest is in a sports car, or sitting in a chair, they get to experience what it's like to hit the road while staying engaged with your brand.

We have tons of 360˚ racing experiences, so take the above video as an example of the type of experiences we can create. If you want to talk more about the different types of racing experiences we've brought to events, we're always here and happy to help!


Live Sports

While not technically a sports simulator, we wanted to include this category to provide another view of how virtual reality can transform your sports experience. With the power to take you anywhere, it's no surprise that virtual reality has found it's way into the stadium in order to give you a unique way to watch your favorite team. Check out the example below to see what we mean.

Suggested Pick: Next VR

If you're more interested in watching professional athletes than becoming one, NextVR offers the awesome experience of seeing your favorite teams like you've never seen them before. This experience takes you closer to the action than any seat you can buy. 

This VR simulator is great way to engage guests because it offers them a completely new perspective on something they are already familiar with. While many people can relate to attending a game, or watching their team on tv, few can say they've watched their favorite player up close in virtual reality. 


We love bringing virtual reality sports simulators to events because they're great for keeping guests entertained and engaged. Plus, no matter what sport you choose, you can be assured that your guests are going to have a great time. If you have any questions about how to incorporate a VR sports simulator at your next event, we're always waiting and happy to talk about how VR can work for you!

All the best,

Shane Terrell
Sales Director


Virtual Reality Customer Showcase

Virtual Reality Customer Showcase

William Griggs.jpg

Written By:
William Griggs
CEO and Founder


Bringing VR To Your Event! 

We love our customers, and in order to show our appreciation we're showcasing a few of our most recent VR event partnerships. 

We're always excited to help develop your perfect virtual reality event plan, and we hope that these examples can provide inspiration for how we can work together at your next event! 

Let's Get Started!


In early October, we worked with TripAdvisor in order to bring the perfect 360˚ virtual reality experience to their conference guests in Orlando. To make that happen, we brought VR headsets loaded with experiences from each of TripAdvisor's global headquarter cities including New York, San Francisco, Beijing, London, and more. 

This is always great use of our VR technology as we have the ability to take your guests anywhere in the world. If you're looking to transport your guests to exciting destinations at your next event as well, we can make it happen! 

P Marino TA.jpg
"We had a great time! Everyone was so helpful and professional. Conference attendees loved the booth! We would not have been able to do it without [your] team. Thank you so much for your help!"


         - Paige Marino
           Associate Campus Recruiter

Global Atlantic.png

In order to draw attention to their trade show booth, we worked with Global Atlantic Financial Group to develop a virtual reality experience that their guests will never forget. Using Richie's Plank Experience (one of our favorites), guests were able to walk the plank on top of a 40 story building in virtual reality. The excitement that the booth generated ended up creating a substantial buzz throughout the event, driving lead generation, and helping them stand out in the crowd.

No matter what your event goal is, we can help you achieve it. We're always looking for new ways to help you take your events to the next level while ensuring you get the exact results your'e looking for. 

J Gossett GAFG.jpg
"Our tradeshow exhibit was outstanding. Customers, prospects and even competitors stopped in our booth to experience Virtual Reality and walk the plank or swim with a whale. Our objective going into the show was to create a buzz and we certainly accomplished that."

        - Jennifer Gossett
           Marketing Director                   
           Global Atlantic Financial Group

stertil koni.png

Using our 360˚ headsets and our Racing VR setup, we helped Stertil Koni develop an awesome experience for their guests. Like many of our event partners, they wanted to give their attendees a variety of experiences to choose from, and we're always happy to make that happen. One of the most powerful aspects of having virtual reality at events is its flexibility, and we will always make sure you have the best combination of VR experiences.

Of course, in addition to providing the technology, we focus on providing top quality service, and all of our event managers are highly trained and ready to make your event great. Because of that, we love to highlight their work to show you what you can expect while we're at your event. Check out the quote below for one example of how our event managers can impact you and your guests' experience.

P Feldman SK.jpg
"Robert was outstanding to work with. He’s personable, efficient, capable and just did a super job.  It got to the point that Robert would often greet visitors to the booth first and get an understanding as to their interest in our products and geographic location.  Then, he would give me a quick, discrete briefing so I could begin the sales conversation and turn it over to one of our Regional Sales Managers.  In short, Robert was an A+."

      -  Paul Feldman
         Director of Marketing                                         
         Stertil Koni   

These examples show just a few of our recent events, but we hope they have provided you with some inspiration to get started on planning your next VR experience. We're waiting to help you get started with your upcoming event, and we hope to hear from you soon!

If you want to find out how virtual reality can help you achieve your event goals, just reply to this email and we'll be in touch!

All the best,

William Griggs
Founder and CEO
(800) 216-0254

Virtual Reality For The Holidays

Virtual Reality For The Holidays

Mitchell Face.jpg

Written By:
Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager


VR For The Holiday Season


As you prepare to bring your folks together to celebrate the season, we want to show you some of the ways we can help you create an unforgettable holiday experience. 

The team at got together and came up with a few of our favorite VR experiences for the holidays. We're confident that our choices will kick your holiday party up a notch while ensuring that your guests will have a great time. We hope this list can serve as inspiration for your event, and we're ready to help you with whatever you need in creating your perfect virtual reality holiday party plan.


Our Favorite VR Holiday Experiences:


1. Visit Santa Claus At The North Pole!

We've all wanted to travel to the North Pole, tour Santa's workshop, and ride on santa's sleigh. Now's your chance! With this experience, your guests can sit back, relax, and get even more excited about the season! (note: not for naughty listers)

One of the most powerful aspects of virtual reality is that we can take your guests anywhere you want them to go, so whether you want your holiday party at the North Pole, on Mt. Everest, in the rainforest, or in your own backyard, we'll make it happen.


2. Have A Snowball Fight!

Snowball fights are fun. They just are. Now you get to launch snowballs at the competition without having to grab your coat and gloves; plus, in VR there's no risk of accidentally hitting your boss as they walk by. 

Experiences like this are great for creating a sense of excitement at your party and generating buzz among your guests.  Our VR library is filled with engaging options, and we can help find the perfect fit for you! 


3. Test Your Skills At A Winter Wonderland Funhouse

We love this type of game because it gives your guests so many fun options, all within the same game. As you can see in the video, this virtual experience takes you to a winter wonderland with whack-a-mole, ring toss, shooting galleries, and more.

Through this type of game, your guests will have a blast challenging each other for the high score. In fact, if you're planning on bringing prizes to your party, we suggest tracking your guests' game scores to pick your winner. It creates a friendly competition and keeps people coming back over and over again.


4. Take On Our Holiday Music Challenge

Here's a little-known fact: Sometimes, watching people use virtual reality is even more fun than using it yourself. If you can imagine your office neighbor wearing a VR headset while dancing to Jingle Bell Rock, you'll see what we mean. While only one person can wear a headset at a time, our favorite experiences are those that create lasting memories for the audience as well.


We hope this short list has given you some ideas for how to make your next holiday party a memorable experience. If you like what you see, we would be happy to help you incorporate some of these ideas into your next party. Also, we have a massive VR library, so even if you aren't sure about these options, we can help you find the perfect experience for you and your guests! Hit reply to this email to get the conversation started.

All the best,

Mitchell Adams
Marketing Manager


Free Webinar: How To Leverage Virtual Reality At you Next Event

Free Webinar: How To Leverage Virtual Reality At you Next Event


Written By:
William Griggs
CEO and Founder


How Can Your Event Leverage VR?


In order to showcase how can help create awesome guest experiences, we have developed a webinar that explains everything you need to know to start planning a VR event. Some of the topics this webinar covers include: who we are, what types of events we usually work with, our favorite virtual reality experience themes, and in-depth explanation of the event goals we can help you achieve. While every event is different, and we're always looking for new ways to wow event guests, this webinar serves a great way to get acquainted with what we do and hopefully spark some ideas on how you can create a VR experience that's unique to you, your company, and your guests.

In this webinar you can expect to learn: 1. How we work and what you can expect from us during the planning, renting, and execution phase of your event, 2. Popular event types we've worked with and specific VR experiences to match, 3. A breakdown of the event goals that virtual reality can help you achieve along with examples gathered from previous events, and 4. Tips we've learned from working with top clients including Twitter, Cadillac, Capital One, Dropbox, and more.



Who Should Download This Webinar?


This webinar is a great resource for anyone who has an upcoming event and wants to know how virtual reality can be used to enhance their guest's experience. Whether this is your first time considering virtual reality, or you're already a VR pro, our VR library is huge (and expanding) and this webinar helps define how different types of experiences lend themselves to different event goals so that you know exactly how to choose an experience that matches your needs. Plus, if you're planning a party, exhibit booth, or a team building event, this webinar is perfect for you as we look at those types of events specifically. 

Essentially, if you're interested in virtual reality, and you want to know if it could work for your event, this webinar is for you!



Top 10 Virtual Reality (VR) Team Building Experiences

Top 10 Virtual Reality (VR) Team Building Experiences


Written By:
William Griggs
CEO and Founder


Why Use Virtual Reality For Team Building?


As you plan your next team building event, deciding on your overall goals, and thinking through the specific activities that can help make them happen, there are no shortage of options to consider. Team building can take on many forms and different goals require completely different experiences. That’s where virtual reality (VR) comes in as a powerful team building tool. With VR, anything is possible. No matter what your goal is, there is a virtual reality experience that can help make it happen.

This flexibility is achieved through VR’s ability to create any type of experience for your team. We’ve helped plan events where teams are taken on a an amazing virtual field trip to Mt. Everest, where guests are asked to collaborate with each other to achieve objectives in a virtual environment, or even where attendees foster a sense of friendly competition through VR challenges that make sure everyone is having a great time. It’s not often that you can offer your team a chance to work together while exploring a completely virtual world and creating memories that they will never forget.


How To Use VR For Team Building:


A powerful aspect of using virtual reality for team building is that you get to decide exactly how your attendees interact with the experience as well as with each other. It can be beneficial to have experiences where each attendee is guided in their very own VR landscape; however, it can be just as useful to create a fun, engaging group dynamic with multiple people interacting at once. Additionally, sometimes you might want both, and with virtual reality that's no problem!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite team building themes and goals, along with specific VR experiences for each, that will help you make a decision on what type of virtual reality team building event is right for you and your attendees. Ranging from relaxed experiences perfect for getting your team to take a breath, to exhilarating adventures that will have you and your co-workers ready to tackle any challenge, these examples should give you an idea of what to expect when planning a team building event using virtual reality. 


Our Top Ten Virtual Reality Team Building Experiences


1. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Uses: Collaboration / Communication / Teamwork

Are you ready to see your attendees prove their teamworking skills? In this intense VR experience, one person wears a VR headset while up to four teammates are equipped with instructions that will help them diffuse a virtual bomb. The only way to overcome this challenge is by working together, and this experience is a great way to get people communicating in order to achieve a common goal.

We recommend this team building experience for any event where teamwork, collaboration, and communication are important focuses. While there is no doubt your guests will have a great time in VR, they will also get the chance to work with their teammates in an exciting, new way, while seeing if they can keep calm under pressure.


2. Fantastic Contraption

Uses: Innovation / Problem Solving

If you want your attendees to have a great time while solving unique challenges and showing off their critical thinking skills, then this VR experience is a great choice. In “Fantastic Contraption”, your guests will be equipped with a set of tools allowing them to build anything they can imagine in order to solve virtual reality puzzles. We can guarantee that none of your guests will have the same solution, which highlights the specific strengths of your team members while showing that there are many different ways of thinking through challenges.

This experience is perfect for team building events where you want your guests to think outside of the box. You’ve never seen a challenge like this before, and your attendees will have a great time figuring out how to create the best solution. If you’re looking to promote innovation and problem solving, it doesn’t get much better than this.


3. NBA 2K VR

Uses: Friendly Competition

One of the best ways to get your next virtual reality team building events going is by giving your guests the ability to compete against each other. One of our favorite ways to do that is through NBA 2K VR, a basketball themed challenge where guests get to transform into professional basketball players and test their shot-making skills . Additionally, we’ve found that keeping the scores posted on a whiteboard is a really fun way to keep attendees wanting to top each other’s best mark.

A little friendly competition might be exactly what you need to get people excited for your next team building event, and this experience definitely delivers. Plus, if you love the idea of fostering this type of group dynamic, but you aren’t sure about the basketball theme, don’t worry! There are plenty of similar experiences to choose from whether you just want to play a different sport, or you want a different type of experience all together. Keep reading for a few more of our favorite examples!


4. Meditation VR

Uses: Relaxation / Mindfulness

In any workplace, you’re bound to find stress somewhere. Whether you’re putting in extra hours to meet an upcoming deadline or you’re trying to set up your next project for success, there are times when it’s valuable to take a step back. A meditation based VR experience is a great way to show your attendees how to unwind so that they can take on their next challenge with a renewed focus and energy.

If you’re looking to host a team building event that shows your guests the power of meditation, or if you just want to have a place for your attendees to take a break from other planned activities, then you should consider incorporating the Meditation VR experience.


5. Everest VR

Uses: Virtual Field Trip

One of the most common team building tactics is to take your attendees somewhere outside of their every day environment, but have you ever taken them to Mt. Everest? In virtual reality, you can take your entire team anywhere in the world in an instant. Whether you want to transport your guests to mountaintops, forests, ocean depths, or even show them a different perspective on your own backyard, we can help you make it happen.

This is a great virtual reality team building option because it immediately allows people to have an amazing experience that they can share with their co-workers. Plus, there is a huge amount of VR experiences that focus on different regions all the way from your hometown to the Earth’s orbit, so you can choose the best destination for your guests.


6. Pictionary VR

Uses: Fun / Competition / Teamwork

You’ve most likely played Pictionary, a classic game that doubles as a great team building exercise, but playing in VR is a completely different experience. In this VR experience, you get to  lead your attendees through the game while attendees attempt to guess what their teammates are drawing in virtual reality. This is a great opportunity to split your group up into teams and create a fun, friendly competition that will have everyone participating.

We suggest this experience for team building events where the focus is on creating a fun sense of competition while also promoting teamwork and communication. It’s rare to be able to give your attendees a familiar experience while incorporating cutting-edge, innovative technology, which is one of the reasons this experience stands as a crowd favorite.


7. Job Simulator

Uses: Pure Fun

In Job Simulator, guests are transported to a virtual workplace where they get to make coffee, turn on their computer, eat donuts, talk on the phone, and more! You might not think a virtual workplace would be the most exciting team building activity, but don’t be fooled! This is one of the most popular VR experiences in all of virtual reality. Your guests will have a great time exploring the VR workplace, laughing their way through this ridiculous spin on everyday tasks.

We suggest letting your attendees play this experience in turns with the experience shown through an output to a high resolution television or OLED screen as it tends to create audience involvement that keeps everyone engaged even when they aren’t inside the experience. One bonus of this VR team building exercise is that you get to find out who is your best virtual employee! If you’re looking to deliver a fun experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is a great choice.


8. United Nations VR Experience

Uses: Social Awareness / Social Good

Does your team work in an area of social impact? Whether you’re a non-profit, NGO, benefit corporation, advocacy group, or you just want to deliver a team building experience has a clear social message, this VR experience will bring your team together while also educating them on a world issue, or supporting a specific cause. This video takes you through the creation of a virtual reality video dedicated to understanding the Syrian refugee crisis, and is a great example of how VR can help achieve social good through sharing real world experiences of those in need.

While we think a social awareness VR experience can be a useful tool for almost any type of team building event, we especially suggest it for organizations and groups who actively work to address social issues and challenges, as well as companies who are looking to build awareness for a certain cause among their employees.


9. Arizona Sunshine

Uses: Friendly Competition

Nothing boosts focus and productivity like having to survive a zombie apocalypse! In Arizona Sunshine, the undead are coming and it's your job to fend them off for as long as possible. This experience is great for giving your guest an unforgettable thrill, and they will have a great time finding out who truly has the best survival skills. 

We suggest letting your attendees take turns seeing how long they make it as the zombie keep coming and coming. This is a great experience for allowing your team to experience the highest level of immersion in VR while also allowing for friendly competition. If you think your guests can handle it, Arizona Sunshine can be a really fun team building exercise.


10. Soundstage: VR Music Maker

Uses: Collaboration / Teamwork / Creativity

Soundstage: VR Music Maker allows your guests to collaborate in order to create their own custom songs. With a huge number of sounds and instruments to choose from, it's alway interesting to see the results when attendees are asked to collaborate in order to create their own music. This is a great experience for discovering new ways your team can work together while identifying the importance of everyone playing their part in order to achieve the best group product.

Your guests don't have to be musicians to appreciate this experience. Because the instruments are so intuitive, anyone can get up to speed and contribute their creativity to the experience. This is a great option if your'e looking to bring your group together and have them exit the session having achieved a collective accomplishment, plus it's just really fun. 



Hopefully this list gave you an idea of how virtual reality can help you create an unforgettable team building experience. The options on this list include some of our favorites, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We have thousands of experiences to choose from and we’re always ready to help you start through which option is the best for you and your guests. In fact, we pride ourselves on having the best service possible including pre-event strategy, equipment rental, event execution, and no-hassle breakdown so that the entire rental experience is completely seamless.

Our team of experts is ready to get going, so if you think this could be a good fit for your next team building event, let’s get started!


Comic-Con 2017 With TVGla & TruTV

Comic-Con 2017 With TVGla & TruTV


Written By:
William Griggs
Founder & CEO


On Saturday, July 22nd, got the chance to join thousands of fans at San Diego Comic Con in celebrating the “Impractical Jokers” TV show during their “Impractical Jokers Block Party”. The jokers, known for their popular show on truTV, are a group of four friends who search for increasingly hilarious ways to prank each other.

One of their most memorable challenges happened in their 100th episode, when the jokers were forced to walk a tightrope. To give attendees a real look into the show, the team partnered with truTV and TVGla to help bring the thrill of that experience into virtual reality. Our exhibit had fans walk across a thin board while wearing a vr headset, allowing them to experience what the guys on Impractical Jokers really saw during the episode. Not to be left out of the fun, Sal Vulcano, one of the Impractical Jokers, stopped by during the event to help guide people through the experience, and even tried it out for himself!

We had a great time at San Diego Comic Con, and we’re so glad that truTV and TVGla, along with the Impractical Jokers, allowed us to help bring their fans a virtual reality experience that they will never forget.


What types of virtual reality experiences can you bring to my event?

What types of virtual reality experiences can you bring to my event?

Shane Terrell

Written By:
Shane Terrell @
Schedule Your VR Event Strategy Session With Shane


When initially starting the pre-event strategy phase of planning your event, we work with you to determine the exact experience or experiences you want for your event attendees. While we offer more than 30,000 360 VR and 3,000 Room Scale VR experiences, we understand what we offer might not exactly fit what you are looking for. That is where the custom experience comes in.
With the custom VR experience, we work with you closely to determine exactly what you want. In addition, we do most of the heavy lifting by understanding what your vision is and then offering you various concepts based on the input you provided. This allows us to hone in on the perfect fit for your event and give your attendees the exact experience that you want them to have.


Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf VR Experiences

Off-the-shelf, or licensed experiences, are VR experiences that are ready to go. Whether this experience is a game, competition, puzzle, or a shared experience between attendees, what you see is what you get and offer little in the way of branding or customization. In addition to requiring less time to prepare, off-the-shelf VR experiences cost far less than their customized counterparts.
Custom experiences, while more expensive, allow the staff at to really hone in on exactly what you want your event attendees to experience.
So, regardless if you want a licensed experience or need one that is customized, we work with you to create the perfect VR experience for your event.

If you’re interested in a custom experience, email us at and we can discuss further.


What types of virtual reality activations are there?

What types of virtual reality activations are there?

Written By:
William Griggs @
Schedule Your VR Event Strategy Session


When considering a VR experience for your next event, you need to make some choices beforehand. offers two different VR technologies: Room Scale VR and 360 VR. While both have similarities, they do feature some key differences as outlined below:


The 360 VR Experience

A 360 VR experience represents a more relaxed experience for your attendees, as they are often seated at a table while experiencing VR. Such experiences include real-world video of actual locations from around the world, whether a trip to the bottom of the ocean or climbing Mount Everest. In these experiences, your guests are along for the ride. In addition to real-world locations, 360 VR experiences also take the shape of simple games and puzzles. Overall, we have more than 30,000 360 VR experiences in our library. Rest assured that we can find the perfect VR experience for your event attendees to enjoy that matches your event theme and goal. Our team will use their expertise and manpower to find the content that is sure to fit your event.


360 VR Hardware

360 VR Hardware

To execute a 360 VR event experience on your behalf, we will provide 360 VR headsets that have been loaded with the 360 content you’ve selected. In addition, we will need access to power and a small area with a table and chairs. Typically, we suggest a 48-inch round tall boy table for every three to five chairs.


360 VR Experiences

Other examples of the types of experiences available for your event attendees include visiting the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, as well as flying with the Blue Angels. One of the best things about the 360 VR experience is that your event attendees can experience things they would not normally have the chance to do in the real world.

Popular 360 VR Experiences

360 VR Experiences

Things to Consider With 360 VR

The 360 VR experience requires only a small space to operate within. And, compared to the Room Scale VR experience, it also represents a more cost-effective approach for events where maximizing throughput is a top priority. Plus, the headsets are easy to use — event attendees put the headset on and then turn their head or body to interact with the experience. That’s it!

Consider With 360 VR

The Room Scale VR Experience

Room Scale VR offers a much more immersive VR experience than its counterpart 360 VR. In addition, the average space requirements per headset is quite a bit larger for a Room Scale VR and runs about 8-foot by 8-foot, though some experiences can get away with a smaller 6-foot by 6-foot space. The area requirements for the Room Scale VR experience allow your event attendees to interact with the experience more fully and truly experience all that VR has to offer.

Room Scale VR Hardware

Room Scale VR Hardware

While more immersive than 360 VR, Room Scale VR requires the latest VR equipment on the market, making it a premium event entertainment activation. With Room Scale VR, event attendees can actually interact with the virtual environment using special wireless controllers they hold in each hand. One of the best things about Room Scale VR is that you can easily output what the attendee using the VR headset sees to a TV or LED wall. This addition gives the VR experience more visual weight in the event space that attracts onlookers, making the VR experience more social.


Room Scale VR Experiences

Some examples of Room Scale VR experiences include interactive games and puzzles. Room Scale VR experiences allow your event attendees to move about the virtual world and discover and interact more fully with the virtual environment around them. This interaction and real-world feel is what leads attendees to telling their friends that they have to try it out.

Popular Room Scale VR Experiences:

Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences
Popular Room Scale VR Experiences

Don’t see what you like? Don’t worry! There are 3,000+ VR experiences to choose from, and we will help you do it! Looking for 360 VR experiences? Scroll down to the FAQ section.


Things to Consider With Room Scale VR

Unlike 360 VR, a Room Scale VR experience gives you more customization. This allows to provide a VR experience impossible to create in the real world. In addition, the immersion level of a Room Scale VR experience is much higher, making for a more memorable experience overall. Plus, other attendees can watch their fellow attendees’ progress through the virtual world via television monitors. With more than 3,000 Room Scale VR experiences available, we can help you find the perfect VR experience for your event. And if for some reason we don’t have an experience to match what you are looking for, we will work with you to create a custom experience for your event attendees.


Room Scale VR vs. 360 VR

Example: The Mount Everest Experience

The easiest way to understand the difference between a 360 VR and a Room Scale VR experience is to compare the Mount Everest Experience as used with both setup types.
In a 360 VR experience, your point of view is from the head of a mountaineer climbing up Mount Everest. While seated, you can look up, down, and all around, but you aren’t in charge of the climb. Instead, you’re along for the ride as you ascend the mountain and experience the awe the sights and sounds provide.
A Room Scale VR experience, however, allows you to move around more freely in the virtual world and actually control your experience. For instance, if you’re in for a good scare, you can walk over to the edge of a cliff on Mount Everest, look down, and feel your stomach drop. You can also climb up the side of the mountain by picking up a pair of ice picks, using your controller, and alternate striking the picks into the ice as you pull yourself up. The biggest difference between a 360 VR and Room Scale VR experience is two-fold. First, in the Room Scale experience, you can actually move around in the physical environment, giving you a more realistic and interactive experience. Second is the visual appearance of the content. With Room Scale VR, the graphics are more lifelike and the screen is sharper, adding to the immersion.    


Why should I incorporate a virtual reality activation into my next event?

Why should I incorporate a virtual reality activation into my next event?

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Shane Terrell @
Schedule Your VR Event Strategy Session With Shane



The super flexible nature of VR lends itself to a variety of different business events, including conferences, trade shows, and parties. Here are a few of the ways that VR can really make an impact at your next event:

  • Achieve Event Goals: VR can be used to accomplish your event-specific goals, including boosting event attendance, maximizing foot traffic to your booth, increasing brand awareness, and/or generating leads.                                                                           
  • Position Your Company: VR is one of the hottest technologies in the market. The use of VR at your event can position your company as cutting edge and fun to work with.                                                                                                                           
  • Create an Interactive Atmosphere: The immersive and interactive nature of VR can forge a stronger connection between your event attendees, as a new, shared experience serves as a great ice breaker to get the conversation started between customers, partners, and prospects.                                                                                                                                                              
  • Make Your Company Memorable: People remember experiences that they actually took part in as opposed to just watched. With this in mind, the unique nature of the VR experience means that what you want to accomplish with your event is more likely to be remembered by your attendees weeks or even months later.

Using our extensive knowledge of how VR works, we can help you design the perfect event experience to ensure that your event meets your pre-established goals and provides a memorable experience for your event attendees. While most people have heard of VR, having seen it on Good Morning America or ESPN, few have actually experienced it, making any event that uses VR technology unique, compelling, and memorable. VR provides the perfect way for your event and company to stand out, and our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you accomplish this.


How do you bring a virtual reality to an event?

How do you bring a virtual reality to an event?

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William Griggs @
Schedule Your VR Event Strategy Session


The expert staff at works with your company to design the perfect event experience for your attendees. Our three-part VR event execution includes planning the event experience, supplying the latest VR technology, and providing knowledgeable technicians who are on-site to execute the event game plan.


Step 1: Pre-Event Strategy

Pre Event Strategy

Every event begins with our pre-event strategy process. During this phase, we focus on educating you, the customer, on what’s possible and empowering you to make the best decisions for your event. For example, we work with you to plan every detail of the experience, including which VR technology to leverage, how to maximize guest throughput, which VR experiences to feature, and how we plan on accomplishing the goals your company has set for the event.


Step 2: Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

In addition to strategic planning, provides every piece of equipment needed to execute your VR experience at your next event. We deliver, set up, and breakdown the equipment with little to no oversight required, allowing you to focus on other important obligations. Our equipment is the best in the industry, which leads to the best possible experience for your guests.


Step 3: On-Site Technicians

On Site Technicians

The final piece of the puzzle revolves around our professional and knowledgeable staff. First, our experts really know and care about VR. Second, they love interacting with event attendees. Our experts use their knowledge and excitement for the technology to ensure your guests have a great time. They are on-site to manage the VR event experience from start to finish, including setup, experience delivery, and takedown. Think of them as one-half VR technician and one-half brand ambassador. Not only can they execute your VR activation, they can blend in by wearing the same attire as your staff and be able to speak intelligently about your products and services. 


What type of events should I bring a virtual reality activation to?

What type of events should I bring a virtual reality activation to?

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William Griggs @
Schedule Your VR Event Strategy Session focuses on corporate events, including conferences hosted by your company, trade shows your company attends, and employee engagement events (holiday parties, team-building events, etc.). By focusing on corporate events, we’ve developed a level of expertise unparalleled in the industry and we have locked into what makes for the best VR experience for event attendees.

Hosted Conferences

Hosted Conferences

Turn your company’s next conference into a one-of-a-kind experience using VR technology from Unlike trade shows and other events, conferences tend to cater more toward learning and discussing overarching problems that an industry faces. We can help your event attendees learn through a themed VR experience or simply provide a way for conference goers to relax after a long day of learning. Let plan and implement VR entertainment for your next conference so you can wow your attendees and leave them bragging about your event to their peers.


Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Companies use trade shows to showcase new products and technologies to customer and prospects, so why not turn these educational opportunities into a fully integrated, hands-on learning activation? Trade shows offer the perfect venue to wow your target market, which is easy to do when you opt to use the latest VR technology. can set apart your company’s presence from the sea of competition by leveraging state-of-the-art VR technology and thus providing a unique and memorable experience for event attendees.


Employee Engagement Events

Employee Engagement Events

Employee engagement events promote productivity and overall employee satisfaction on the job. VR technology allows you to plan engaging and fun-filled events built around driving employee engagement, including team-building. Employee engagement events also help with employee retention by breaking up the monotony of work and creating bonding opportunities between co-workers. By making activities associated with the job more rewarding, the job itself takes on a new life. offers the technology and planning services to help you make your employee engagement events a success.

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