360˚ Vs Room Scale VR


360˚ Vs Room Scale VR


What’s the difference?

We have many different VR experiences that we use to create awesome experiences for your guests, and all of those experiences can fit into two specific “types” of VR : 360 VR and Room Scale VR. As you will see on this page, both types of VR are capable of producing amazing events; however, the right choice for you will come from a your specific event goals.

On this page include we’ll discuss differences in equipment, differences in the experience, and differences in the event setup of both types of VR. Let’s go!

Let’s start with Room Scale VR

Room Scale VR Equipment

Room Scale VR comes with more equipment than 360 VR. This is because when you are in room scale, we need to be able to track your movement as you explore your virtual world. In order to run room scale experiences, we will provide you with:

  • VR Capable PC

  • VR Headset

  • Motion-Tracking Controllers

  • Two VR Sensors To Track your Guests’ Movement

Room Scale VR Experience

Here’s where all that equipment comes in handy! Room Scale VR allows you to interact with the virtual world in ways you have to experience to believe. As you can see in the videos to the right, the possibilities of this type of VR are endless. You can interact with virtual objects, explore your new virtual world, and even add unique options like a functioning racing seat and a stationary bike. All of that is possible because of the special VR PC, controllers, sensors, and headset.

Room Scale VR Event Layout

Room Scale Floor Plan.jpg

The “room scale” in Room Scale means exactly what it sounds like: You’ll need some room! Specifically, you’ll need a minimum of a 6 foot by 6 foot area to run the experience. This is because the options for this type of VR require moving around in physical space. As you can imagine, having a dedicated VR space at your event is a great way to drive guest engagement, so let’s think about where it makes sense for your event!

In the image to the right, you can see an example room scale area in dark blue. The headset represents the center of your space while the TV/TV stand shows how we can display the experience to everyone at the event.

Additionally, we’ve included a 360 VR area in the floor plan. There’s no reason you can’t bring both types of VR to your event!

What about 360 vr?

360 VR Equipment

In order to use 360 VR, you will need less equipment because instead of tracking your movement within an entire area (like in room scale) you will only need to track your head motion while seated. The equipment provided for 360 VR includes:

  • VR Headset

  • VR Controller

  • Headphones

  • That’s It!


360 VR Experience

Don’t be fooled by the compact setup. The 360 VR experience includes a huge variety of VR videos as well as some of our favorite games. 360 VR really shines when it comes to delivering a huge VR impact in a user-friendly package. While seated, your guests can travel around the word, experience extreme sports, visit your own back yard, or try out fun, new games that will keep them coming back for more.


360 VR Floor Plan

As you can see in the image to the right, 360 VR is perfect for any event where you want multiple people to experience VR at once. Unlike Room Scale VR, this option allows you to fill your space with a group of guests all using VR at the same time. Plus, with so many videos and games available, they can each have their own individual experience.

As a seated experience, we suggest a rounded cocktail table along with five or six chairs. This maximizes the space and keeps everyone comfortable as they look around their virtual world.

Also notice the table top sign and pull up banner. Don’t forget about branding your VR space / showing off your VR activation!

360 VR floor plan.jpg



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